Dear James,

You don’t mind if I call you that, do you? For the vein of such a letter, something like Mr. McAvoy seems a tad formal… Unless I were to revert to some inner Jane Austin voice, which truthfully only pitter patters my heart a bit faster.
Then, of course, you would be Mister McAvoy…

Is it warm in here? My it’s a warm day, for September…
I feel faint…
You would have been the perfect man.
Er, for Jane, i mean.
I happen to adore my husband. He is my number one man.
If you ever, by chance, found yourself in Boise though, we could grab a drink and talk.
Or you could talk because, between you and I, I sort of just want to sit and listen to you for pretty much ever.
And see your smile…

Eventually, I would have to bring you home to meet my youngest daughter because you are Mr. Tumnis AND Penelope’s love. She wouldn’t stand for missing the chance to grill you for hours and hit you up for any acting contacts you might have for her…

My husband would meet you, as well. I hope that wouldn’t be too awkward, for you. You probably wouldn’t have to hide the love for me that you’d reciprocate. He’s pretty understanding. {He’s a pretty cool guy, my husband.}

Maybe we could just meet up somewhere on location…
That would be your location, of course. I am a writer… and not some cool travel journalist or anything, either. I am the sit at home, in pajamas type.
I promise not to wear pajamas on location. That’s just a home thing… I wear real clothes in public.
Or we could not go out in public. Whatever…

I am sure you are very busy so if you maybe just wanted to call me later, or skype me- skype is better- that would work. If you are feeling tired and drained you could just read to me. I’d love that too… Makes my intent to only listen seem a bit less awkward…

At any rate, today was a letter-to-my-crush day, and that- Mister McAvoy- is undoubtedly you…


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