four thousand, two hundred and ninety seven…

Dearest Best Friend of mine,

Split between Boise and West Virginia we have boxes containing the volumes of our friendship. With post marks stamped in eight different states, you and I have documented actual lifetimes. I had no idea, those years ago, that we would journey together, the way that we have.

Over the course of eleven years, two hundred and seventy nine days- we really have grown up together, it seems.

In my darkest, emptiest and most broken of days- you came in and forged a friendship with me like none I had ever had before. Over those 4297 days of friendship, (!!!!) I have learned so much from you. You have walked beside me through my hardest journeys.
Through literal life and death scares,
heart break,
facing my step father,
cancer scares,
my hysterectomy,
the affects of adultery,
reconciling my marriage,
the loss of my grandmother,
the loss of my mom Julie,
countless jobs,
moving out of state (seven times)
getting to know my real father,
the broken hearted rejection of my real father,
falling in love with my kids,
RAD hell,
dealing with difficult family,
broken friendships and accompanying heartbreak,
the journey of writing my first novel
the never ending journey of finding myself and so, so much more…
We’ve shared movies, music, books, memories, vacation, countless phonecalls, obsessions…

I am so grateful, Deb, for the beautiful, brave and admirable woman you are. You’ve advised gently and then stood by holding my hand whether I followed your direction or not. You are the only person who has ever seen all of me, and not chosen to walk away or pass judgement. You truly are the only person to never leave me and I can not even tell you how unbelievably grateful I am for that.

One day, hopefully really far from now, someone will come across our friendship on paper. I hope my gratitude and love for you shows in my words. I pray, as our daughters continue to grow more and more into themselves, that they find a friendship like ours some day. A truly safe place that will last forever…

Thank you, Debbie, for being my safe haven. Thank you for being my sounding board. Thank you for making fun of things with me. Thank you for our brief stint in detective work and email hacking. Thanks for covering for me, when I needed it- {and covering me when I needed that too.} Thank you for loving my kids, even without knowing them personally, from the very beginning.
Thank you for never judging me, for never forgetting me, for loving me even though I love Dave Matthews, Edward Cullen and don’t have a kindle.
Thank you for being that friend that I can share all of my secrets with, cry to, laugh hysterically with, be one hundred percent me with and revert to jr. high mentality with…

From the bottom of my heart, always… 
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POST SCRIPT~ Congratulations to Katie’s Calamaties and Lisa of Two Bears Farm for winning copies of Alice Bliss… :) 

7 thoughts on “four thousand, two hundred and ninety seven…

  1. This was a truly beautiful post Misty. Thank you for sharing this bit of your life. Thank you for sharing little bits of your life with me (and mine) over the yrs. You are a blessing!

  2. Ok, as tears pour down my face – I don't even know what to say, you've always been the writer! You've been all those things to me Mrs Misty Mae (and then so much more) … being best friend with you has come as easy as breathing and I will always believe with every fiber of my being that the very fingerprints of God himself led me to you because no one gets me like you do! When life beats me down, you are the first person that I want to talk to because I know you'll know that even though you might not have the answers, you'll always listen. You are the only person in the world who I can disagree with and still have the sweet comfort of knowing that they will still remain my "constant" Life has led us down more roads than I could have ever imagined that I would have ever traveled but I know this for sure, you've made the journey so beautiful! I love you endlessly, always!

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