And I’ll show you mine…

The other day I wrote this post, about Home and the idea of homemaking. Since then I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that I feel make my house feel like home… I thought I’d put together a little list…

– good quality lamps. (I hate overhead lighting.) And, if you ask my husband, I have too many lamps.

– various pillows, throws and blankets, in a variety textures.

– family photos. You learn it in attachment parenting- but it’s important for family members to get that visual sense of belonging… I keep photos of my kids everywhere. They remind me of my overflowing cup…

– Color!!! {!!!!}

– beautiful books. I don’t know why, and minimalists everywhere will cringe, I am sure.

– a scent I love. It could be a candle, or through a scentsy pot… I prefer Scentsy and have various pots and plug ins through the house.

– fragments of our family. Maybe it’s keepsakes, starfish from the beach, pottery from New Mexico, etc. As far as I am concerned, it does not have to fit into a theme- it’s about our family…

– a pet. I know a lot of people aren’t animal lovers and that is fine, but we are and our home really is complete (Cue sappy Jerry Maguire music here) because of them.
– Family heirlooms… 

– a personal space… whether it is to read, to write letters or to work on something more artistic. Everyone needs a corner. {In case you need a reminder, mine is HERE!!!! }

– lavender… I know, I’ve said it before, but I really do believe it helps us sleep better.

– a variety of cozy, warm beverages to sip from or to offer to guests.

A few of you said the things about your home that made it “yours” the other day… Being that I love home stuff, these were some of my favorite comments and emails. Taking it one step further, I’d love to read your lists… :)

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2 thoughts on “And I’ll show you mine…

  1. I'm not talented in the decorating area – I hate knickknacks or themes, and I'm always broke, so we definitely go for the minimalist approach! The one thing we take with us when we move (and we've moved far too often, I'd like to knock it off now, please) is our "family room." We call it that because we have about 3 dozen black and white photos of our families. We contacted the eldest people on both sides of our family and asked for photos – made copies and framed them all in black frames. I know the names of all of them and we put in black and whites of our kids as well. I love it. People always comment on it (probably because there's usually nothing else to say about my space!) This year as part of our homeschool courses, Cora and I are going to do some genealogy and REALLY dig up some facts on the faces that hang on our wall! For instance, did Loretta from the eighteen hundreds REALLY die of T.B. after she was baptized in the Columbia River??!

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