Good Morning, me…

I couldn’t sleep last night. 
I couldn’t even pinpoint why. I was just, completely, wide awake. 
When I finally gave up trying, I crawled from bed and began my morning routine- to which I now do without any trouble at all. 
I washed my face. 
I poured a cup of coffee. 
As a special, first day of school, treat- I put cinnamon rolls in the oven to rise, before baking. 
I read for awhile. 
When it was time, my family began bustling and moving about. 
We talked. 
We ate breakfast. 
I watched Genny, my baby, put together the clothing ensemble she’s been stressing about for weeks. 
She flat ironed her hair. 
She donned blue eye shadow and a pale pink lip gloss. 
She grabbed her lunch money, her back pack and hopped in the car. 
Nervously, 7 minutes later, she finally took a deep breath and climbed down to the pavement. 
You’ll have such a great day, I assured. 
I hope so, she sighed– obviously unsure suddenly. 
She ascended up the steps as I backed from my parking space. 
She stopped and turned, waving at me, she blew a kiss and mouthed “I love you.” 
It was not until that moment that I even felt like I wanted to cry- and by the time I realized it the tears were hot upon my cheek. 
It is this part of the routine I don’t know. 
The house quiet part. 
The time on my hands part. 
This might take some time… 

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10 thoughts on “Good Morning, me…

  1. Thanks girls, She really did look adorable… SO GROWN UP… but super cute. she'll be the belle of the ball. Or, of 7th grade today. :)

  2. Aww, Misty. I'm not sure about that part either – and will be experiencing it myself in a few weeks when my girls start Grade 1, all day school. I'm sure we'll adapt, and we'll be doing so together.

  3. i always wondered how moms reacted to seeing their kids go off to school… i always assumed my mom welcomed it (3 kids outta the house means some much-needed quiet)… but she did always look really happy when we got home.

  4. She looks so cute. I wouldn't be able to sleep either. Pierce starts Pre-K tomorrow. He'll be riding the bus and everything. So I guess I'll be the one tossing and turning tonight. I hope her first day was amazing!

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