It’s been awhile, but I want to get back into regularly participating in Five Minute Friday… Today’s theme is Beauty… 
It is not in these early morning hours that I expect to think on such things… Such things as beautiful ones. Every night, when I close my eyes, I expect the morning to find me feeling sorry for self- who am I kidding, feeling selfish really… But something about the stillness, the quiet, the air… 
something about the cool floor beneath sole, the cold cup encompassing warm drink. 
I can’t help but feel it, think it, see it. 
Believe it. 
Beauty in uncombed messy bun and freshly scrubbed skin. 
Beauty in bed headed child, stretching and padding her way to the breakfast table. 
Beauty in morning husband kisses, beautiful daughter smiles, silly dog impatience. 
Cracking eggs, toasting breads, scrubbing pans. 
Beautiful because it’s real. 
I belong. 
The sun rises and greets the day in a way both stunning and genuine. 
I try to absorb and remember the moments, the feeling, the glory. 
Even in the earliest of mornings, life is beauty. 
I am beautiful. 
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6 thoughts on “Beauty…

  1. "Life is beauty"….Three words that put everything into perspective.Thank you for sharing. I could see the beauty of your heart in every single word.~Stacy

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