Stolen late show…

I was pretty lucky to catch a showing of The Help… 
Honestly, I feel like I know a trillion and one people who have been dying to see this film- and therefore waiting on pins and needles for just about a year. It seemed like, as press photos came out and every major motion picture sported the trailer- that August the tenth would never come. 
And then it did. 
Everyone was facebooking and blogging about going to see it. 
And maybe it’s just my little Idaho world askew, or something, but I’ve got to tell you that I was more than a little surprised at the lack of grandiose reception theaters seemed to be giving it. 
Maybe other people had different tales but ours was already allowing discount passes (which usually doesn’t happen until a film has been out for weeks) and the only screen they were showing it in was the smallest auditorium. 
All of that aside, I truly loved this movie. 
I’m pretty much never a fan of film from novel adaptations. This one though, was good. Things were changed in relevant ways. It was good. Nothing was lost, I felt… 
The ONE thing I would have changed was the way the Minny, Celia, Johnny storyline played out. I loved in the novel when he knew about Minny, but she was sworn to secrecy. The whole plot added much needed funny… This movie could have used a little of that. Otherwise though, not a single complaint. I loved it. I loved it equally as much as the book. 
And that sweet little Mae Mobly (played by twins, of course) broke my heart. 
Ninety-Nine percent of the tears I shed, were due to her. (er, them…????) 
Lovely. Just lovely. Lovely to look at. Moving story. 
Haven’t seen it? Do. 
Haven’t read it? Do! 
One won’t ruin the other… 
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5 thoughts on “Stolen late show…

  1. I agree with everything you said. I LOVED Celia in the book and wished we could have seen more of her. Mae Mobly, so precious. She also broke my heart. I loved the movie as much as the book and I have been telling everyone I know to read/see it!

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