On Monday Morning…

I had the best sort of weekend, honestly…

On Saturday morning I had the privilege of going to a beautifully kind woman’s home and picking lavender. An entirely beautiful basket of it. 

Following the lavender adventure we made our way to the Farmer’s Market, where I picked up a great deal on baby potatoes (which Genny detests) and bananas (which Amanda detests.) I should have taken a picture of all of the bananas really, before i spent an hour and a half slicing them for the freezer… They were vividly beautiful, though i could go awhile without smelling fresh bananas i think! 
Saturday night Chw and I went to dinner and a movie… At dinner I posed the question to my facebook friends: does a grilled veggie burrito (which was amazingly fresh and delicious!) lose it’s healthy goodness when it is covered in queso blanco? Half way through the glorious goodness blanketed in white cheesy heaven, I realized I didn’t much care. Besides, it was date night… We could, between the two of us, choose to say- share an entire chocolate cake and it would be in the name of quality husband/wife time therefore it would be completely justifiable, right? 
But for the record, we didn’t. 
Anyway, after dinner we went to see Crazy Stupid Love
Heard of it? 
While this most certainly is not a family movie, it is defintely an amazing movie for married couples. Especially married couples, with children… I can’t even tell you how much i would recommend this film, or how much I loved it! 
Moving on… 
I am completely behind on B90… My Monday is going to look like catch up… 
I spent Sunday afternoon, in the 100 degree weather, canning pickles. They are my first pickles, ever… They are hamburger/sandwich slices. I’ll let you know… Not being much of a pickle person, and having a family who is incredibly picky about the pickles they’ll eat- it could be a big gamble.

We also got to end the weekend with a house full of really awesome people, good food and conversation. It’s the best way to close any day, if you ask me…

And this morning I made my 5:30 wake up with ease (a good wake up song on the alarm clock helps!). Today is a bit of an emotional hiccup for me, as it marks a sad anniversary which carries a lot of guilt for me- but I try not to be too reflective. I could use extra happiness and love today, that’s for sure… 

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3 thoughts on “On Monday Morning…

  1. I wouldn't even know where to pick lavender! that is pretty cool that you live in a place that has it to be picked…. i'm hibernating until fall… its too dang hot to get out and pick weeds here. hope you have a great week!

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