Be Ninety…

I wanted to wait to post about this until I was sure that I could handle it. 
See, I’m kinda weak… 
And I know that several of my regular readers aren’t really the type to read about such a challenge- but then I realized it’s my blog and so I’m going to blog about it… 
In June I signed up for the B90 challenge. For those of you aren’t familiar, it is simply a program where you commit to reading the Bible in it’s entirety over the course of 90 days. 
Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of reading the Bible. There are certain verses and parts of that I’ve loved- but the majority of it bored me to tears. Considering I am a Christian, this would possibly be my least attractive Believer quality. When I signed up, I questioned my ability to make it through. 
When July 11th rolled around and it was time to start the challenge- my life suddenly felt like the world was sort of falling apart. 
Destined for failure… 
But then, I haven’t. 
In fact I’m loving it. I am learning. I am confused. I am succeeding. 
So yeah, that’s my cool thing for the day. 
What’s yours? 
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3 thoughts on “Be Ninety…

  1. i usually only read the bible when i'm following along with a Joel Osteen program. it's been a while. i took a couple years of theology and bible study in college… i'm glad i did. taught me a lot. most especially how to read it. i know some people don't like to read the bible because it really isn't the easiest read.

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