While summer is this gloriously wonderful and sunshine filled (usually, anyway) time of laughter and happiness- every year I am reminded of how much summer kind of gets on my nerves a little.
And I mean, just a little… 
My routine is destroyed. It’s sad… 
The very idea of sticking to a meal plan feels about as feasible as swimming to Hawaii for a picnic. 
The laundry seems to pile up doubly fast, and the structured time to do it seems to have gone on vacation. 
And then, then there is the long Summer “To Do list” which seems impossible to complete.
As it is, school starts in less than a month…

Less than a month! 
For this “used to be” homeschooling mom, transitioning into a very early school morning schedule- I am already feeling that familiar chest constricting feeling of anxiety attacking me. 
So, even though I’m feeling completely exhausted and whipped by the crazy (but glorious) chaos of summer, I’m making a move to be pro-active. 
I am baby stepping my way to becoming that wife and mother who is up every day, before anyone else. {For those of you who already live this life- bless me, for those of you laughing hysterically- you’ll see!} This week I’ve started waking up at 5:30, every morning. My hope is to establish a routine for myself so that by the first day of next month, I’ll be mentally alert enough to start waking Gen, at the time she’ll need to be up to ready herself for school, and having home cooked breakfasts every morning. 
Well, it’s a lovely goal anyway… (she says, as she currently wakes around 9 and still only offers bagels or muffins with fruit for the morning meal… *sigh*)
I am optimistic that by this time next month I will be the morning person whom I have spent 35 years hoping I would be, and that, ala’ June Cleaver- my family will be happy, well adjusted, well fed and beautiful model citizens inspiring the world for generations to come. (but really over all, I’m being pretty realistic, don’t you think?) 
Any words of wisdom or advice? (PLEASE don’t say coffee… I’ve NEVER been a regular daily coffee drinker, but I am already having a mental romance with this guy, while also day dreaming of the possibilities of having this man in my life.) 
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6 thoughts on “Whipped…

  1. Make sure you go to bed early enough that 5:30 will really work for you. And fill that early morning time with getting something done for you or the family. I get up (toot, toot) at 4:30 and run with a girlfriend (I only go that early because the hubs has to be at work early and I do too :( ) On the weekends I stick to getting up early too but sleeping in to me with 3 kids 1 under 1 is 6:30. Good luck I truley believe if it is something you really want you can do it! :)

  2. i never once had a hot breakfast before i went to school… the smell of food in the morning made my mom sick. we were lucky to grab cold pop tarts on the ride to class. which was fine by us. since we didn't know any better, it was the way to go! my BF had a hot breakfast every morning– and honestly, he wasn't very healthy for it!

  3. Emily, When i was at home before i moved to Idaho, i never did either unless i went to my best friends house before school… My family definitely functions better with a good, balanced breakfast to start the day. :) It's a small sacrifice…

  4. I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't go through. Grrr. Trying again! I think your breakfasts sound great. Much better than mine this morning – red velvet cheesecake (at least it was homemade, lol!) I don't do coffee either, but I do like Diet Pepsi for caffeine once a day!

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  6. First of all, I am in the same boat you are in right now. If the routine we have this summer is any indication, waking for school is going to kick our tails. But here is what my head knows…One of the things that motivates me to wake before my family is the opportunity for a quiet cup of coffee before the chaos begins. So maybe find something that you love to start your day in the quiet of the morning, and reward yourself first thing before the chaos of school mornings begins. When I'm up early, before my family, I really do love the quiet of the morning.I second the idea about waking early even on the weekends. Long story short, once in college I was given the advice, by someone who was qualified to advise, to go to bed and wake at the same time every day. On weekends instead of sleeping in, nap later in the day, but your body craves the routine of a regular sleep pattern.Think about babies and young children. They function so much better when they have a bedtime and wake up routine.I know you are not a fan of breakfast cereal…Once I made the same goal to have a hot breakfast for my family every morning. I was so disappointed when after spending the energy to make it happen, all theree kids preferred a bowl of cereal. I've decided that a cheerful, not rushed mom is more important to them than a full hot breakfast. So I had to change my expectations to stay happy.

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