Deep & Wide…

So yesterday’s post was a little deep, eh? 
I can’t even tell you how completely grateful I am for the sweet comments and words. So many beautiful words… So many beautiful readers. 
Many times, per week, I am getting emails from several regular readers telling me their own stories or perceptions of my words and then apologizing because they can not comment on my blog. 
What the heck?!?!?!? 
I am a complete computer moron and have no idea how to rectify this. 
Any wisdom? 
I thought I’d take a moment to thank each and everyone one of you- (yes, even YOU, the silent ones) for your thoughts and prayers over the past week and a half. My goodness, we come home from San Francisco and it felt like the entire world was falling apart. We’re told we’re unexpectedly (and quickly) losing our house… Our sweet Golden Retriever Makaila is super sick… My sister has been diagnosed with another brain tumor… I feel like I am missing something else. I don’t know, maybe I’m not. It was a lot. 
I am here to tell you that… 
– we are NOT losing our house. (we learned so last night.)
– Makaila has a raging UTI and they have her on antibiotics, which she unfortunately keeps vomiting up. 
– No word on my sister, as of yet, but with the knowledge that we’re staying put- it’s a lot less overwhelming to think about how much she’s going to need me. 
Life gets super stressful and heavy sometimes, but there truly is love all around us. It flows deeper than our sorrows and much wider than our eyes and arms can grasp. 
I, for one, am really grateful for this. 
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