A celebratory update…

Last Thursday I blogged about a special birthday and I received a few sweet comments and quite a few more dear emails about my daughter, your daughters, motherhood, etc… It was so sweet, and touched me so much that I felt like I couldn’t not share how we chose to celebrate! 
1} We had a brunch on our fine china, complete with dangling 21’s, and 21 fresh cut roses. 
2} Dangling 21, like I mentioned…
3} Chw made mushroom and pepperjack omelets, toast and we did a fresh fruit plate. 
4} I made her my first EVER Tiramisu. (It’s her favorite dessert) 
5} a 21st birthday brunch wouldn’t be right without champagne for mimosas! 
6} Isn’t she lovely? She had a great birthday! :) 
Thanks for your notes and well wishes! I’m truly, truly blessed… 
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