When creativity is delivered by the cute UPS guy…

Due to law suits, car accidents, Naturopath physicians and other various normal adult life types of things- when my mom’s birthday rolled around this year- I had not one single idea what to do for her. Combine with the fact that she’s essentially home bound, fifteen hundred miles away and has little interest in much- or the ability to do anything. 
It was tough… 
And then, being the party lover that I am, I thought: why not throw her a party? 
So, Gen and I set to work…
Once the Surprise Party in a box was complete- we called her with the specific instructions that when the UPS guy brought it to the door- she was FORBIDDEN to open it without someone else present. (we didn’t care who was there…) 
Each item was individually wrapped and numbered. Then, the entire top of the box was “wrapped”, containing the packages below, and three cards on top. 
Card #1} A handmade invitation to her Surprise Party in a Box! along with instructions on opening them in numerical order. 
Cards #s 2 & 3} “happy birthday mom” and “happy birthday nana” cards, complete with singing (in the cards). 
Beneath the layer of gift wrap were these: 
1} a little birthday tiara
2} a package of “Party Princess” paper cups. 
3} an assortment of bottles of snow cone syrup.
4} an electronic ICEE machine. (she LOVES shaved ice but isn’t strong enough to use a manual one like we have.) 
5} “Party Games” (little card and dice games) 
6} a package of “Party Princess” paper cake plates. 
7} a box of twinkies (her favorite), and a birthday candle.
8} her actual gift. 
Overall, flexible and complete budget friendly- but full of thought and fun. She loved it. Her “guests” loved it… The “party” continued all weekend long… Definite Win there… 
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4 thoughts on “When creativity is delivered by the cute UPS guy…

  1. Thanks Brenna… It seems like a great "deployed soldier" thing too. I kept thinking that. (different details, of course) Especially since Lucas will probably be in Afghanistan around his birthday.

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