Spiderwebs… {A confession and a rant.}

There are a handful of people in my life who get really upset that I can’t just sit down and talk to them on the phone whenever they feel like calling. I am sure there is an even larger portion of people who think I’m completely rude for commonly hitting my ignore button. I feel like, for years, I’ve been having to apologize for myself. There are all of these negative emotions, (guilt, fear of disapproval, annoyance, etc.) which come packed and tangled up in this one silly little phone thing. 
Here’s the thing though- I don’t like talking on the phone. 
there, i said it. 
I LOVE people. I love hanging out with people. I LOVE face to face conversations. 
When I don’t have the luxury of sitting with someone, in person, I am usually spending my time doing something productive. Anyone who is a writer knows that you can not sit and talk on the phone while working. It is an impossibility. Anyone who has ever homeschooled knows that you can not educate your child while sitting on the phone talking. Again- impossibility. Why is it that people hear: home, and automatically think I’m just sitting around praying the phone will right? I am busy. 
I’ve had this very battle with my sister for years. In fact, it’s all out fight sometimes. She loves to sit and talk on the phone. If I call her, (or answer) it’s a good 90 minutes- at least- talking about the SAME things that are always talked about. She lives 10 minutes from my house. This, to me, is ridiculous. If she has nothing better to do but sit on the phone, why doesn’t she load the kids up and bring them over here? 
So yeah… 
We’ve finally gotten to a place which feels normal. (and phone conversationless.) It’s good… 
I will talk to my mom a few times a week, because she is in NM. I try to somehow (skype or phone) talk to Lucas weekly. {Then again, he’s my son. I’ll talk to my kids whenever they want.} About 1-2 times a month I’ll talk to my best friend Debbie on the phone, though I honestly could stand to talk to her more than that. She’s on the east coast. Otherwise, I just don’t do it. It’s a time waster, like facebook (in my opinion) only LESS productive… 
All of that to say, I’ve decided to let myself off the hook here- no pun intended. I’m tired of the bitter, juvenille remarks from distant relatives and people. I am so irritated at all of the two faced, back stabbing stupidity I’m tired of having to say “I’m sorry, I’m just really busy.” In this era, we are blessed to have multiple forms of communication. There are phones, texts, emails, facebook, skype, etc… If you are getting all bent out of shape because I won’t talk on the phone with you, but you REFUSE to compromise with one of the other five means of communication with me- than I’m sorry but the issue is yours and you are obviously the one who doesn’t want to talk to me very badly… 
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7 thoughts on “Spiderwebs… {A confession and a rant.}

  1. I <3 texting. Calling me can be the equivalent of hating me because every. single. time. I am on the phone, the kids either go insane during the call or immediately after if it's a very short one.

  2. EXACTLY, to both comments! Even though Genny is 12, she still gets super jealous of the phone and honestly- I've just gotten so used to not even liking it… Time waster!

  3. i am so with you on the whole "home" thing. i also work from home. i have started wearing a tiara when i am working as a signal to my family that i am at the office. plus wearing a tiara is just awesome.

  4. Oh I hear you. It is an introvert thing. Are you an introvert? I wrote about it on my blog. Introverts love people, love conversations on topics of interest, like small groups. Hate small talk, parties, phone conversations, standing and talking. So maybe if you are, and many bloggers are, that is the problem.

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