The most non-memorable of memorable moments…

I think Chw was wishing, going into this past three day weekend, that this is what his trilogy of days off might look like. (With a veggie burger, of course.) I went into it imagining the photo moments with which I could post and share with you all. 
Photos I have to share from 72 hours of togetherness and summer kick off weekend bliss= BIG FAT ZERO! 
We had originally planned to go camping. Nope. Big fat fail there too. 
No picnics. No long bike rides. No barbecuing. 
what did we do, you ask? 
Stayed inside, mostly. Played the wii. Got caught up in watching Dark Shadows on Netflix. {No, I am not kidding… I love that silly show, and now Gen does too. Chw hated it, until this weekend, and now he wants to watch it all of the time.} At one point the girls went roller skating. For an afternoon we all ventured the rain and black clouds accompanied by gross wind to go to lunch and a movie. Over all though, our three days lasted almost forever because we did a whole lot of nothing. Aimlessly sleeping in as long as we needed, no planned meals… (since we were supposed to be camping and stuff.) 
Though I am a planner and am left with the guilt that we wasted our time- secretly I loved it. We aren’t the people who let any weekend pass like this- much less an extra long one. So, I guess the hammocked hopes of my husband weren’t far from the truth, after all, only he was laying around dry and in the house instead of wet outside… he totally deserved a long weekend of nothing! 
Oh yeah, and (aside from togetherness with my family) the absolute highlight of my weekend was listening to Ellie Goulding. If you aren’t familiar, I STRONGLY encourage you to become so. It’s been quite awhile since I stumbled across someone, musically, that I really loved almost instantly. 
So, what was the highlight of your three day weekend? 
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3 thoughts on “The most non-memorable of memorable moments…

  1. went to a BBQ yesterday afternoon with a bunch of friends and their families. the kids were so good that i actually got to relax and enjoy myself!rita

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