What I’m most excited about…

Seasonally speaking, it’s the first day of summer… :) (even if it’s cold and rainy outside!) 
  1. Sparklers
  2. Read a book in the grass
  3. Visit a waterpark
  4. Road trip
  5. Amusement Park
  6. Blow bubbles
  7. Go to the beach
  8. Evenings under outdoor twinkle lights
  9. chopped salad patio dining
  10. picnics in the park
  11. homemade apple pie with fresh vanilla bean ice cream
  12. Lemonade stand
  13. Water balloon fight
  14. Sun tea
  15. Drive-in theater
  16. watermelon
  17. Farmer’s market
  18. camping
  19. outdoor concert
  20. float the river
  21. fireworks
  22. garden
  23. visit a zoo
  24. go fishing
  25. movies, outdoors at the park
  26. family bike ride
  27. feed the ducks
  28. paddle boating
  29. smores
  30. attend a baseball game
  31. sangria
  32. sleep under the stars
  33. meet friends at the pool
  34. homemade strawberry shortcake
  35. fly kites
  36. make snow cones
  37. ice cream cones at the fountain
  38. host a BBQ
  39. learn something new
  40. visit a town we’ve never been to before
  41. homemade freezer pops
  42. run barefoot in the grass
  43. sink toes in the sand 
  44. mason jar candle lit evenings
  45. can peaches
  46. summer reading
  47. pedicures and flip flops
  48. dandelion wishes
  49. hula hoops
  50. ice cream sandwiched between gooey cookies
  51. hand held walks through the neighborhood
  52. grilled salmon
  53. coco-butter lotion
  54. sprinkler rainbows
  55. clear blue skies
  56. swinging
  57. face painting
  58. nearly midnight sunsets
  59. projected movies in the back yard
  60. patio dinners
  61. limes
  62. downtown dates
  63. summer evening talks
  64. fireflies (not here, but I’ll see them somewhere) 
  65. washing the car
  66. outdoor bathing, of the dogs
  67. smell of fresh cut grass
  68. the world in bloom, around me
  69. crystal clear, star-dotted skies
  70. margaritas
  71. an abundance of fruit
  72. fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade
  73. camps
  74. smell of chlorine
  75. sunlight streaks on heads of hair
  76. wine tasting
  77. frozen yogurt runs
  78. grilled flatbread pizzas
  79. laughter making the sunshine brighter
  80. sleeping a little later, in the morning
  81. horse rides
  82. Farmer’s Markets
  83. fresh berries, tart on my tongue
  84. cocoa butter
  85. sun drenched photos
What about you????

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