A letter AND an explanation…

Dear Crazy home owners, who also own an un-named appliance and repair business in Nampa Idaho; 
Thanks for sharing your beautiful, though incredibly neglected rental property with us! Truly, we love how readily you allowed us to come in and fall in love with this house that has so much potential- if only it could have just a little bit of love… 
We were even willing to accept that the two of you, husband and wife, had COMPLETELY different ideas of what property was actually for rent, what the rent and deposits actually were, when the property would actually be available- or what was going on in general… 
We were cautious but non-judgemental when it seemed like two of your daughters were beyond terrified of you- their dad. 
The part we absolutely didn’t love, however, was how once we proved not to be complete morons- you backed out of the rental deal. Really, did you think we would just hand over almost $2,000 to you- 5 weeks ahead of time- when the house still didn’t pass safety regulation due to black mold???? Time and time again, over the 5 entire days that we knew you, you attempted to manipulate and swindle us out of money- and yet we repetitively gave you the benefit of the doubt because you were, after all, just looking out for your family… 
When you finally got the clue that no, we weren’t morons who would just trustingly hand over even 5 cents to you until you owned up to your responsibility as property owners- that you just bailed on the whole thing in search of someone else a little more naive and stupid- you only made yourself the fools. Gloatingly you seemed to get off a little on thinking you’d left our family “high and dry” with no where to go. If only we’d bailed you out of your health code issues, slaved away on your house and paid you for it too... right? Stupid, stupid us… EXCEPT that, we had no desire to move, before finding your house. We haven’t packed a thing. We are still happily in our lease. Our lives, apparently, only changed for the better because we don’t have to deal with you after all. I mean, seriously… You guys are insane, you don’t communicate with one another about your manipulative/deceitful tactics so that you at least appear on the same page, and you are going to end up with a massive law suit on your hands if you don’t own up to the health hazards in your house and your business practices. 
The point of this thank you letter is two fold: 
One: Thanks for showing us your crazy true colors BEFORE we were renting from you and your greedy, dishonest selves. 
Two: While we are going camping, happily settled into our currently lovely home and planning a great family vacation to California- you still have to deal with the black mold and the condition of that house… looks like you’re the fools after all. :)
the people you gloated about screwing over who are WAY BETTER off, (and obviously far more intelligent than you are.) 
to further drive home the fact that we aren’t complete idiots, we did talk to the BBB and read reviews about your appliance repair business BEFORE doing any professional dealings with you. THAT is the reason we knew you weren’t a man of integrity and why we were so adamant not to trust your “word” on anything. Word to the wise, buddy, no matter what your religious beliefs are- karma has a way of balancing things out and you, my friend, are a dirty businessmen. Have fun dealing with the effects of that… Need proof about the whole Karma thing? We are good, honest people and life bailed us out of this mess with you before it was too late… 
Everytime you guys didn’t seem to have a clue about what your spouse lied about; promised or mentioned- both my husband and I were on the same page. And our kids, they aren’t scared of us… Well that’s not entirely true. Our daughter’s get a little nervous if something spills on the carpet because my husband is super anal about taking care of stuff. {Gosh, it’s a good thing you didn’t let someone like us rent your abused and totally trashed house… } but otherwise, our kids don’t cower in fear of us. 
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5 thoughts on “A letter AND an explanation…

  1. #1… bummer, but SO glad you found it all out before entering a deal!#2… I love how you used P.P.S instead of the incorrect P.S.S. that so many people use. :)

  2. Yeah, PSS doesn't make any sense to me. POST POST Script… after the post script. Post script script??? ha… and thanks, ME TOO!

  3. ugh, what a bummer! but i'm so happy you don't have to go through the stress of moving and dealing with these people on the regular!what part of CA are you visiting? look foward to happy things!

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