Signed, Realistically Hopeful…

When we lost our house, in Michigan, back in 2007 and made the very quick decision to stick our hypothetical tail between our legs and move home- we promptly moved into the very first rental we could find that would work for us. Though it  is far too standard/cookie cutter for our tastes, (literally EVERY TIME someone new comes over they tell us of another person they know who has our same exact floor plan.) it’s been a good house. We moved into it with a lot of work needing to be done, and a property manager who- once the lease was signed- failed to do any of it. We’ve repaired and painted, dug up and replanted… Over the past four years this very standard rental has become home. 
We could have moved, with each lease renewal, but we stayed. 
Partly we just didn’t want to move, and partly we were fine here… 
Then, in January, people bought the house next door. People who have multiple screaming matches every week. People who fail to supervise their very young children who do things like run around the culdesac with knives, steal our mail, throw their garbage in our yard and pull out the neighbors flowers. The man counterpart of the “new” neighbors is very violent and frankly, we just keep to ourselves. The police are next door at least once per week and since this became our “new normal” we’ve begun to entertain the thought of moving. Months passed though, and our lease renewal date approached. (July 1) 
On Friday, just like any other day, I drove by this little farm house that I’ve driven by a million other times. I’d never noticed it until that little “for rent” sign was out front. Sharing it with Chw, we allowed ourselves a twinge of excitement and called to do a walk through. 
We love this house. 
It needs some work. It needs some paint. It needs some major clean up. And, well, like I mentioned- it’s old. But we love it. So much character. Genny cried when she saw the yard and the trees, the chicken coop and the “geese”. (which are actually ducks, but whatever.) She wants this house more than we do, and that’s really saying a lot. Plus, in our cookie cutter neighborhood there are no kids Gen’s age, but at the farm house the next door neighbors have a 12 year old girl. Genny nearly fainted…
And honestly, this house couldn’t be more perfect for us! And oh, it has SO MUCH character! 
Chw has been there three times now, and met with the owners. Gen and I have been there twice. We’ve offered to take on the work, (we like that kind of stuff) in exchange for them holding the house through June. They’re thinking about it. I guess there is an elderly couple interested in the house and the wife of the owner would rather they have it because they are older and won’t be having any drunken raging parties. The husband seems interested in not being responsible for all of the work that needs done so it appears he favors us moving in. 
We find out tomorrow. I’m nervous. While I truly am fine renewing and staying here, where our things are already unpacked and there is only a summer looming ahead of us- with no major renovations and home restoration projects- I really do want that house. 
Cross your fingers for us, please??? 
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