When Seasons Change…

I am participating in 5 Minute Friday at the gypsy mama
It’s the wet in the air which reminds me that even the cooler mornings are replaceable. Interchangable. 
Between my fingers i grasp the fading tree blossoms, giving way to budding leaves. I want to be sad that our twelve second spring is fleeting- but how can I be? 
Spring paves the way for longer evenings, for neon extended sunsets. 
For growth and beauty, sustainable meals adorning family dinner tables. 
The cycle continues, and inside my own blossoms wither as I change. 
As i grow. 
I feel, on some limbs, myself becoming more of who I’m meant to be. 
Or closer, somehow. 
The world… This world… My world, everyday, reflects more and more of the way God is molding and shaping me. 
Peaceful moments will still give way to hard times, to dark days, to desperately feeling hours- but no matter the season, one thing will forever remain true. The sun always rises. The dark will always flee from the light. Best of all, once that warm sunlight touches my face- I will always see that I am better somehow- not in spite of my life’s winter, but because of it.
It always comes back to gratitude… 
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2 thoughts on “When Seasons Change…

  1. This is beautiful! I often feel the same way when spring *finally* rolls around. All of a sudden it all seems to start going so fast!

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