Fear of change… Change the fear…

I was chatting with my sister Jennie this morning, about how quickly things change. How quickly her plans to stay home all summer became an entirely different plan involving the east coast, traveling with her kids and Independence Day. To a more tragic tune is how quickly so many in Joplin (and other areas) went from a normal Sunday afternoon to mass devastation. 
My friday trip to buy bread led us to the path of moving. 
After the details were (mostly) ironed out, Chw’s greatest affliction- the fear- set in. There is so much pressure heaped upon the shoulders of a man. Thankfully I’ve been his wife for the better part of seventeen years and I knew this tide of fear would come in. 
The tide always comes rises… 
When he confessed to me, today, his fears- I was ready. 
In complete seriousness he exclaimed that this bad feeling he had was stronger than any bad feeling he’s ever had. It’s not like any other time before, he assured me. Finally, after he’d exhaled all of his worries and the pressures behind his worries he told me that he just didn’t know if it was a good decision. 
“in your bad feeling, do you feel fear?” 
Yes, a lot of fear. he exclaimed, before back tracking a little bit. He knew where I was headed…
“If your bad feeling, this dooming certainty had no traces of fear than I’d be more inclined to trust it as a premonition or sign from God. God doesn’t speak to us through fear though, and so I’m pretty sure we’re ok to move forward. What do you think? 
And really, in six weeks when we’re settled into the house and all of the work is behind us- he’ll feel no inkling of that sickening fear. Usually I’m the one who struggles more with the change but not this time. :) Hopefully Chw can say the same too because that’s a pretty miserable seat to sit in… 
So, we move forward… I’m excited to take on this new project, and this new journey, complete with pictures. It’s NOTHING like we thought our summer would kick off- but we are ok with that… 
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5 thoughts on “Fear of change… Change the fear…

  1. Love it! One of my favorite verses…"God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of POWER, and of LOVE, and a SOUND MIND."And I do hope that as you settle in, he'll feel at ease. You're right that so many times the anticipation of the change is far worse than the change itself.

  2. are we going to be moving buddies? Oh I hope so:) it is much more fun to have others going through the same things.I will have to remember that God does not speak to us through fear…thank you Misty.big hugs-

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