The Hard Love…

The hard love is telling your daughter the truth. The truth about where she came from, what she’s been through and what she’s seen. Even when she’s small, and fragile… because, it is her truth, and she has flashes of memories she may not understand. 
The hard love is telling your children you are disappointed in their far too grown up choices, and loving them anyway. 
The hard love is the love whose heart breaks when your kid’s hearts break. 
The hard love is the love that candidly looks at yourself in the mirror, every morning, with a pair of honest goggles. It is the love that looks at your insides too. 
This is the love that can one day look your husband in the eyes, years after fighting, and crying and aching and finally- forgiveness… It is the love that gets me to the point of no longer wondering what she looks like, or what her perfume smells of. This is the love that kept me sane when he would travel for work. 
The hard love is love, period… It is the take-everything-from-me sort of love, because the person on the receiving end deserves it. 
Even when they choose the easy love route back… 
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5 thoughts on “The Hard Love…

  1. Wow that is beautiful. It makes me anticipate the years to come of parenting (my first child is still just a baby). Thanks for writing and for being honest and transparent.

  2. As a grandmother I can appreciate where you are at with your children. Yes Love isn't easy but you will reap the benefits when those little ones grow up and produce their own little ones. One of the things that makes me so grateful is seeing the smiles on the faces of my four big (and getting bigger) grandsons when they see me. And "Granma look at this" fills my heart with joy.

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