Peaceful, Easy feeling…

I consider myself a lover of camping… 
And yet, when it comes to the unpacking and setting up of camping- I’m pretty much in the anti-camp crowd. We have an unspoken rule, Chw and I, that he is the camp cook. He does the firewood. He does the fire. It’s pretty much a Chw work fest, that I’m miserably along for the ride on. 
Until that first morning, when the sun just barely peaks over the mountain ridge, shards of light shooting between the evergreens. Water’s sound, from somewhere, intensifies and the birds come along. In that blip of a moment the world just comes alive and my heart finds it’s wings. 
For the rest of our wilderness days, I’m free as a bird. 
I’m breathing fresh air, heart light as a feather. 
The world is suddenly branded with a sweetness, untouched by society and technology. 
I opened my door this morning, to check the temp and I heard it. There, right outside my suburban home I heard (and felt) that mountain airy peace. The birds were singing and the warm air had that early camp morning crispness…

It was as close to heaven as my heart has felt in months. Months of dreary greyness scattered with a few blips of blue sky. The whole world was in a party of sorts. I felt high on the moment, on the morning, high on the song…

I chicken scratched through the first few things on my day’s to-do list and wrote “buy stuff for smores.”

It’s a good day!

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8 thoughts on “Peaceful, Easy feeling…

  1. I'm pretty thrilled that you used the word "chicken" in your post. I knew we'd get to you sooner or later. heheahaha! But really – your post? I LOVED it! Made me go open my door and sing the same song that KL just sang :)

  2. Doesn't it make the day seem endless with possibilities when the mornings go that way? I want to climb mountains and tackle yard work!Then I look at the yard…and see the Alaska mountains still covered in snow…and I go back inside and read more blogs!!Enjoy the peace, amiga!

  3. you and me both friend…the bird song just draws my heart right to Him. There is nothing like it. I cherish it every morning for without it lately I just don't know. Without fail the sun rises yes? I am SO happy for you that your heart is light and you are enjoying the mountain air…and smores…sounds REALLY good right about now:)i really hold fast your words of encouragement you know?xo

  4. I'm with you on this one. I love the scenery and atmosphere of camping, but I'm not always one for dealing with the knitty-gritty details of camping. I hope you get to head out into the woods for some smores soon! Nothing's better for refreshing the soul!

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