Silence explained…

I realize that, aside from a whiny birthday post and Genny’s party recap- I sort of had this super dramatic post and then dropped off the face of the bloggy planet… 
I am preserving every moment of my time… and trying really hard to process things in this life and all that comes with it. Today is Thursday… It was around this time, a week and one day ago, that my son call from Massachusetts. He’s in the Army, in case you didn’t know. He was near Boston taking part in a testing program that was wrapping up this weekend, following which, he would be reporting to Ft. Lewis Washington. To say that we were thrilled that he’d be seven hours from home, would be an understatement. We miss him very much… 
Anyway, I’ve veered off course… let me start again… 
Eight days ago Lucas phoned to tell me that the Army had once again changed their plans for him, (they seem to do this a lot) and that he was being sent to Germany (for THREE years) on emergency orders. He will likely be aiding in efforts against certain war torn and dangerous places that no mother wants their son to go… He will be flying into the airport with this recent news.
He was home just a few days later, on Genny’s birthday to be exact. We were hugging him. I was hugging him. 
But in just a couple of days, he boards a plane and we join the hoards of families who say goodbye as their loved ones who walk off into the great big scary real world. 
I keep thinking, perhaps if we’d had more time to prepare. Maybe if it wasn’t all so sudden. Maybe if he was home longer. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe… 
I’ll blog again, in a few days… When I am dealing with things a bit better. After my precious minutes with him are gone- at least until his next leave…
Until then, your prayers are AWESOMESLY appreciated… 
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9 thoughts on “Silence explained…

  1. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I'm always telling Yonah that everyone thinks the soldiers are the big heroes, and they are pretty big ones; but the *real* heroes are the ones who have to stay home while their loved ones are gone, who faithfully support their soldier even when it really hurts.

  2. Oh Misty…wow…praying…read the news article and already the empathetic fears in me are rising.Again–praying this visit will be a time to treasure, that you will have time to say all that needs to be said, and that somehow God will help you rest in Him. Worry for our kiddos is one of my biggest battles.

  3. My prayers for you and your son. As mothers, we always worry about our children – it starts before they're born when we're carrying them, continues when they're children (right down the hall), and our worry remains no matter how near or far they are.Sending good thoughts your way! Will be anxious to read future posts.

  4. Ugh, my heart hurts for you. I would be doing the same thing I'm sure, keeping to myself until I had enough of a mind to actually express my thoughts without sounding like I was going to fall apart. I'll be praying for ya my friend -and your family of course.

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