Birthdays and other such miseries…

Ahh… Birthdays… 
Over the weekend we had immense amounts of birthday wonderment for Gen as she spent three entire days celebrated the commencement of her twelfth birthday. While three seems extreme, most of it is my fault. And life’s fault. And, well, it just is… On Friday we went to get mani/pedis and then to get her hair cut (she was going for an A-line) and highlighted. What resulted, $72 dollars later, was Genny emerging (after FOUR HOURS of service to her hair,) was Gen looking EXACTLY the same. Am I the only one having difficulty understanding this? I saw the foils in her hair… And yet- NOTHING changed. Not her highlights… Not her cut/style. Nothing. 
And we frantically scurried along to survive the multitude of errands needing our attention before her sleepover- which rocked… 
Saturday she requested lunch at a local place with sings birthday ballads and delivers towering ice cream sundaes. 
Sunday, her actual birthday, brought her a cake batter pancake breakfast, family presents, a shopping day at the mall spending birthday money and gift cards- and then a trip to the movies to take in the latest Wimpy Kid installment, (which we all LOVED!) . 
Today is my thirty fifth birthday and it has completely sucked. 
it has sucked for all of the good reasons… My husband loves me. Really who can complain? He loves me so much that he literally stressed out and ruined the day succumbing to the pressure of making it a good day… 
Of all of life’s ironies… 
all in all, I’m glad our birthday season is behind us… 
Now if Spring would just get the memo… 
Until then, I will just spend as much quality time with my son, who flew in for some family leave before heading to Germany for three years. 

6 thoughts on “Birthdays and other such miseries…

  1. Sounds like your daughter had a nice birthday….I've noticed that I have to let go of that birthday-ness as I get older…sad but true.Enjoy some time with your son….~Becca

  2. is there anything more unbridled than a tween girl celebrating her birthday? it's a sight to behold. i recall trying to make my birhtday special, too, but it was an uphill climb (as a twin and a christmas baby).i'm sorry your day is turning out lousy. will you be able to head to germany at any point to see your son?

  3. Since I only have a son, I can't relate to the birthday bash for your daughter, but I bet she had fun!Enjoy the time with your son – I can relate to a son!

  4. I totally understand about your day sucking for all the best reasons. My husband does the same thing. It's hard to convince him that I would rather have a calm day that doesn't bring stress for "getting it right" than to have some over the top huge big thing.I think it was hard for him, but for our 5th anniversary a few weeks ago, we went out for coffee. :)

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