Sometimes the accent says it best…

Cup of tea in hand, I am writing to you with a British accent to tell you how pleased I am with the King’s Speech. Truly, truly gloriously thrilled… And yes, congratulations abound to the other winners as well. But to Colin most specifically, I love you…
Moving on- life is funny sometimes. By funny I do not mean comically funny, (though it is sometimes that) as much as ironic, or what have you. Back in January when I decided to devote February to this challenge of loving my family, life looked one specific way and today, as this month comes to a close, it looks entirely different. Some 28 days ago, I was more happy-go-lucky and less deep-in-thought. Some twenty-eight days ago, it was just Chw, Genny and I dancing our way through this silly house. We were teetering on the edge of becoming foster parents and stepping our way towards adopting again. My mother was pre-opping for a surgery that would restore her quality of life and my older two kids were moving along on their separate paths towards greatness. 
Things were good. 
Today I am processing from a weekend where my mother ended up in the ER following a 21 day journey which has led her through over a week in ICU, three weeks of delirium and confusion, dangerously low bouts of blood pressure and oxygen, touch and go nights, a transition into a rehabilitation program and lastly a pulmonary embolism landing her back in the hospital.. . The common question on our minds, these days, whenever my mom comes to mind is: Will she ever be the same again? Her again? Thus far, there are no answers, only head scratching. 
Also, over this weekend, my oldest daughter moved home. Although this sounds ordinary enough, anyone who truly knows our family knows this was a development no one saw coming. On an entirely different note, a dear girl who nannied for us last year is also coming to stay with us for a time. A quiet house of three, (except for the two noisy dogs) is about to get quite full, and much to Chw’s dismay, incredibly estrogen filled. 
Major developments and changes are coming to the lives of our nieces and nephews, whom we love as our own. Some heartbreakingly sad (for us), some wonderful… All in all, it’s tough to be here in the sidelines… 
And then, there is the matter of my Sunday afternoon coffee with my future daughter in law. She is beautiful and bright, and as awkward as the circumstances may be, meeting her was a highlight. She has a 2 year old son that Chw & I also look forward to getting to know, even if our son is serving in the Army away from home. It’s a strange idea, getting to know his someday bride and stepson, especially when ninety-nine percent of their relationship has been long distance. Then again, it’s a strange idea that, at 34, I could be this little boy’s step-grandmother. That’s the funny thing, I guess, about our journey of loving and being blessed with kids who are not biologically ours. Though, don’t burst Genny’s bubble if you run into her and she tries to flaunt that my son was born when I was thirteen years old. She likes to make us sound so controversial… ;) 
I’ve been looking at my family quite a bit, this weekend. Even if, from a distance… Looking at my amazingly strong husband; at my brave and maturing son; at my beautiful daughter with her responsibility and stubborness and at adorable little Genny, who put on eye liner at a sleepover and looked less adorable and way less little when we picked her up- sadly… I’ve been looking at my mom, and her life… Looking at my sister and her children. Lots of looking… Lots of gratitude… Lots of loving. 
I am blessed. Amidst the ICU and Emergency Room phone calls, amidst the long distance threats of deployment and awkward Starbucks introductions, I am blessed… 
Today I will, in my 28th day of this challenge
– Keep looking. Keep thanking. Keep loving… 
My entire family completes me, grows me, matures me and makes me a better person- every day. Every single thing about me that you might find good is because of my husband and/or these kids… 
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10 thoughts on “Sometimes the accent says it best…

  1. I believe this is the best post I will read today. Thank you for sharing. I loved looking through life through your lense this morning. Your family is blessed to have you.I hope your mother is better soon.

  2. Loved the tribute to your family.Glad your pick won for best actor.I really didn't have a pony in the race. The only movies I saw was Social Network and Toy Story 3. Both were good, neither were great.But I have to know, do you thing Christian Bale really forgot his wife's name? I think he got choked up and just had to gather his emotions a second before he continued.

  3. No, i don't. I agree with your opinion, Jenni… as for Toy Story 3, i loved it but don't think it should have been in the best picture catagory. :)

  4. I wish you mum a quick recovery.Tomorrow we will go and watch the King's Speech, my in-law have been telling us to go watch for-ever, ahaha. Yesterday we promised them we will go and watch it with Orange Film Wednesday deal (2 tickets for the price of one :).

  5. Crazy how life changes. I love hearing about yours. And in the interest of sharing mine, since I'm not on facebook anymore… you wouldn't know that we got a foster son. Precious 2-year-old. It's been amazing. I wanted to tell you this cause conversations with you about adoption really helped me think through some things during this whole process, so thanks for sharing your life with us.Many prayers for your mom.

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