Acts of love…

Doing something, for someone else, is an act of love.
It sounds simple, but that isn’t always the case…
Often times we grow weary or disgruntled, feel under appreciated, etc… Unfortunately others may not always notice what we may do for the them, or the lengths we may go to for their happiness. There are several adages about that and motherhood, but it isn’t just motherhood. Marriage can be like that. Parents of adults can sometimes fall into a shroud of entitlement and take their grown children for granted. It is our human nature to take, and take, and take…

I try (and fail miserably… often because I over schedule myself) to find small ways to serve my family beyond the standard meals, home and laundry. Some days I may go beyond myself to accomplish something, only for him to wonder what I did all day… I’m not a fan of those sorts of days…

And then today I wondered: Am i guilty of that too? I know he doesn’t mean to look past me. How often do I hurt my husband or kids because I’m so caught up in the chaos of life that I don’t truly see what they’ve done for me?

Today, in my 28 day challenge, i will:
– Say thank you, and mean it.
– Observe.
– do three good deeds/random acts of kindness, for three strangers.
– make an extra effort to ease the burdens of my husband, who works so hard for our family…

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15 thoughts on “Acts of love…

  1. really good goals. and YES, there USE days when i get asked what i have done. now i write it all out on a list i keep by my phone.i ask everyone to look at it.i like the validation.:)

  2. i notice you respond to comments in your comment you find that people come back to see if you responded?i always reply via email…and of course i follow people back to their blog to leave a little love.i did a post about all of this not that long ago… here is the link you are are welcome to ignore me.i can be quite bossy about helping others and blogging.i swear, it is ALL well intended.

  3. Very honest post, and a perfect day for me to read it as I was just thinking about this sort of thing. I find that I'm constantly trying to "make room" for more time, but I need to make sure I'm treating my family as the blessing they are and not a distraction.Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind words on my post. They were most appreciated.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog today. These thoughts are really similar to ones I've been having, although I haven't blogged so eloquently about them yet. I also really want to find ways to be less selfish and show my husband I care and I see him.

  5. My husband works at home so he knows and I know. I think though that when the husband works outside the home it is easy to not see how challenging it is for them. Day in, day out they go out there to earn the bread. Deal with the bosses, deal with the clients. I've done it too and I wouldn't change my SAHM postion for theirs for anything. I don't know how my husband does it.

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