The truth about gifts…

Genny takes an art class from an amazing artist, every Monday morning… Monday of this week he spoke to the class about Valentines. Specifically, about when making/giving one to someone you do so with that person in mind. You consider what they like, the things that seem to draw their attention, etc. 

It’s all about the details… 
I’ve said this very thing to her a thousand plus times, but she never really heard it until today. 
I was thinking about this particular post for awhile, before today. Gifts are my love language. I love buying them, love receiving them. The prettier wrapped, the better. It’s just how I love and feel love. My husband, however, is an insecure gift giver which usually means no gifts at all. Because I love him more than life itself, I’ve grown to realize that a lack of gifts doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me, or think of me- but honestly, (and I’m ashamed to admit this) that was a TOUGH lesson… 
I did buy him a super cute little valentine, this year. Nothing major. I had zero expectations from him, and it wasn’t until Valentines Day itself that I realized even more than a little gift- what would speak the loudest to him would be to do something for him… I tackled the storage side of our garage. I organized. I loaded my SUV full to the brim with stuff for Goodwill. After hours of doing this, and feeling completely exhausted in the process, I was disappointed to survey what had been done and not see bigger results. In fact, I was actually a little depressed about it. When Chw walked in the door though, he was all smiles. From ear to ear. He wrapped his arms around me and thanked me over and over. 
You don’t know how much that means to me. He said those words until I couldn’t stand to hear them anymore. I didn’t see that it was that big of a deal, but he did. It meant something to him. More than a silly little Valentine or an overpriced card. More than a fancy date at some five star restaurant… 
And then, then he said four beyond priceless words to me: I’m taking you bowling
And I shrieked… 
I did so because A) I love to bowl. B) He doesn’t. C) Therefore we never go. D) He had reserved the lanes, on his way home, before he even knew I’d worked in the garage… 
To give a gift to someone you love, all you need to do is love them and truly set yourself aside in thought of them. While Chw would have been less than thrilled if I’d gifted him a game of bowling- he had an AWESOME time because we all had fun and he knew it made me happy. On the same note, if he’d cleaned the garage for me- I’d have gone straight to bed and slept the night away wallowing in self pity. 
Joy is found, even in the things we may not like, when we do them in love… That is the true gift… 
Today, for my 28 day challenge, I will
– Do things for my family, even the things i don’t like to do, with a joyful pep. 
– I will play Gen’s favorite game with her. 

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7 thoughts on “The truth about gifts…

  1. Oh this is great and so true! A good thing to remember about keeping that heart behind gift giving:) Thanks for that and adding this to blogfrog! Looking forward to following!

  2. gift giving is soooo my love language too.i adore that he took you bowling even though it is not his favorite thing to do.THAT is a true gift of love!clearly, he "gets" you and reads your language.

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