Shedding my bad girl ways…

In an effort to change my horrific ways, I’ve decided to resource some better behaviors, from a friend

In all seriousness though, she’s a COMPLETE genius and I do have some horrible habits that her revolutionary idea really spotlighted…

Like, for one: I am a compulsive list maker. I have, on an average day, three or four to-do lists going, at one time. It has happened less than 20 times, in my entire life of 34 years, that every tedious detail has been checked off and every task completed… The end result is always a resounding “you suck!” non-pep talk to myself…

But then, my google reader paved the way to her glorious post and i thought to myself- with a task list like that, life already sounded happier.

More peaceful…

So, I’m doing it. I’m buying a ticket for the fast train to living a life that can be both Type A anal and lead to days of seizing the moment and focusing on what matters.

{Clarifying, here and now, that I don’t actually own sweat pants. I do own yoga pants and I’m not promising not to wear them… She, this friend of mine, is so much better than me.}

I do, however, plan to:
1} Bring my sewing machine out, (it intimidates me) and fix things/play.
2} Read a book. No pressure about what book, it just has to be a book- for me- in it’s entirety.
3} Dance, everyday, for fun.
4} Play with my cricut.
5} Do yoga, at least twice. Twice is reasonable.
6} Listen to 5 cd’s that i haven’t listened to in a very long time.
7} Continue purging things we don’t need or love…
8} Fill out the foster care paperwork.
9} Give myself a pedicure.
10} Bake home made bread.

I would love to hear what you are doing this week to make it a productive but beautiful one… 

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6 thoughts on “Shedding my bad girl ways…

  1. These are ALL great. No sweat pants for me either due to what I can only imagine would be the blow to my ego from which I may never recover.I don't know how to sew; haven't the slightest idea what a cricut is; don't know yoga (but would like to learn); won't be doing any foster care but I think it's a wonderful idea; and won't be making any homemade bread because one, my oven's still broken and two, I'd eat every crumb myself and that would not bode well for my waistline.But I do intend to lose much poundage and pound out many pages. Wish me luck and I'll do the same for you!

  2. 1. Make cupcakes for small group tonight (not a result of reading this, but it's happening anyway, so there you go)2. Write up a storm while enjoying the free babysitting my sister is giving me for my birthday3. Finally send the package Kim has been expecting all month4. Get out of the house for at least one extra outing (the stairs are intimidating)5. Journal every day, even if it's only a sentence before life interrupts6. Color with the kids, not just supervising to make sure marker lids make it back on7. Make conscious effort to talk to an adult, not just waiting til we're in the same place at the same time8. Teach the girl how to snuggle without her elbow trying to kill me9. Take time to laugh10. Learn to appreciate the logic of an almost 4-year-old

  3. Hmm, finish a project at work that was supposed to be done in November, play power rangers with my kids, make a nutritious dinner – just once, go out to dinner with a girlfriend, sleep!!!

  4. jealous of your dinner with a girlfriend, Christine! I feel like it's been forever since I've done that, which makes me sad all of a sudden…

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