Confession: I’m a total harlot…

Ok… Not really, but i feel like one. I am giving myself the Shame Award, and i completely deserve it!
Our homeschool co-op has a pretty reasonable dress code established. No bare midriffs, no cleavage… you know, the norm. One of these totally normal things is that no part of an undergarment, male or female, is exposed. Also, COMPLETELY reasonable. 
Except that, my shoulders really like to push my bra straps towards my neck. it’s lame, i know. Usually my shirts are of the variety that over compensates for that, at least on co-op days. don’t get me wrong, I never wanted to be THAT woman, you know, the one with the bra straps there for the entire world to see. Unfortunately, it happens. 
Sometimes a lot.
I’ve come to terms… 
So, this morning, I quadruple checked the compliance of my shoulders and straps, their ability to play nice with one another while also showing respect to my chosen shirt. Everything seemed amicably fine. 
Until, of course, we actually got to co-op… {Five minutes late, at that… I HATE to be late…} 
Apparently my bra straps felt that they were the socialites of the century and that everyone there was simply dying for an opportunity to see them up close and personal. 
This was the day that i had a dozen different people to meet with. {Of Course.} 
The day that i had to stand in front of the classroom and speak to a class full of children about public speaking and story telling. {*sigh*}
The day that the heat in the entire building was cranked up to 300 and the only thing I had to wear over said defiant straps and tramp shirt was a wool pea coat… {W-O-O-L}
May as well have just slapped a gigantic read A across my bodice and called it a day…
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9 thoughts on “Confession: I’m a total harlot…

  1. At least it wasn't the boobies inside the bra that were coming out to play. I hate it when that happens!! If people were offended, tell them to get over it or they can pay for the boob job! :-)

  2. Ugh, the bra straps from Hades. I hear ya. :(Maybe you can give out extra credit to the kids who know what the "A" means when you wear it… ;)

  3. Diana, So true… which is why i hesitate to wear a strapless bra. I shot a wedding this weekend, in a strapless bra and good grief I had issues… no one said anything. I was seriously SO self conscience though that I was MISERABLE…

  4. su- I would hope not, they were little kids… which kind of made it worse. At least with high schoolers there is an opportunity with one or two who may, possibly, empathize…

  5. Girlfriend…I'm thinking you were just fine. You probably thought it was worse than it really was.We had "come to Jesus" meetings often at the preshcool where I worked because people let their thongs show. Yep…thongs…at the PRESCHOOL…

  6. I am guessing no one even noticed. And just think, it could be worse. You could bend over, split your pants and show every one your undies – which are hot pink thongs. Just saying. There are worse things to expose than a bra strap…

  7. Ha ha ha, Christine… that would DEFINITELY be worse… but this still was annoying because i was constantly aware of it… oh well… prairie wear for me next Monday. (just kidding)

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