For Idaho, we have an above average amount of snow.
It’s fitting really, that on the first day of December we woke up to an abundance of beautiful mounds of untouched white winter beauty. My daughter is begging to go mash it and roll it up, creating fortresses with snow guards. Though I appreciate her enthusiasm, from inside I am opposed to such changes.
What i am in favor of is baking something warm and delicious.
That in and of itself is strange. I loathe baking…
I am bewitched by the magic of such winter beauty, I suppose.
There isn’t any other explanation.
Today technically kicks off the Christmas season for our family. I love Christmas, it’s the best. My son will be home from military training for the first time since July, and we can not wait to see him. I can not wait to see him.
But, it is with a heavy heart that Christmas is here. There are so many things to be sad and worried about. {I know, i know, with all of my might I continue to hand over the worry} And even yet, nearly every day, life gets a little bit darker and a little bit heavier.
Rather then wishing on airplanes, I’ve decided to cast my wishes on the snowflakes, which are still falling. Surely there is a little piece of Christmas magic in them, somehow…

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