At this very moment…

– I am in love with the cool evenings.

– I am incredibly proud of the fact that I wore a sweater all day.

– ashamed to admit I’m over due for a pedicure.

– I am greatly missing Lucas.

– I am VERY jealous of him, that boot camp has given him the opportunity to go to a kid rock concert this weekend. lucky duck!

– I am wanting a cup of hot apple cider.

– I am wanting to hang out with a girl friend and watch a chick flick.

– I am wishing that maybe I was in Michigan. This has never happened before. It’s weird. I think it’s because I had a deeply intimate vivid dream about my friend last night. Darn it, Tia!!! :)

– I’m happy for the evening I spent with some super cool ladies, and their super cool offspring.

– I am so excited that Parenthood starts next week and that the countdown to Glee is a mere week and a half away.

– I am wishing i were independently wealthy.

– I am wishing a lot of things.

– I am wanting a baby to love, and snuggle, to kiss it’s forehead and keep forever.

– I just wanted to connect with this blog for a minute…

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