a dose of creativity…

I am not a crafty person, by nature. In fact, I have to say that crafts in general sort of turn me off. Show me a good piece of furniture restoration or a uniquely awesome interior design project and I’m super excited…
But to be clear- plastic canvas does not equal awesome interior design project
I could walk through thousands of art museums, pour over art exhibits and countless books on artists- with genny- but sit us at the kitchen table with some construction paper and a glue stick and i sort of go numb in the brain and start drooling.
it’s just, simply put, not my thing.
I’m not a scrapbooker. I’ve made them. i’m not horrible at making them, but they don’t hold my interest. However…
As a writer, i love paper. All things paper. And paper crafting, (scrapbooking aside) sort of rocks my minimally artistic nature. It’s fun, in an obsessive way. It’s a creative outlet that works for me.
After months, (literally) of debating about it and going back and forth in my decision- I decided to join my girlfriend’s monthly card club. I second guessed my decision all the way through missing the June meeting and making my way to the July one.
But- i liked it. I like the magic of doing a project together and learning from the creativity of others. Plus, i got lots of paper, which is like crack to me- so it worked well. (but in a completely less self destructive way than crack- DOUBLE bonus!)
Every month, at the meeting, the club does a card swap where each member distributes cards (one design) for each person. I came home with a stack of great cards. Anyway, this was my July contribution to the card swap. If you look close there is a little design faintly behind the Eiffel tower. They are ok, not my favorite at all. When I sat down to make 8 cards, my brain flow literally froze. I was totally intimidated, imagining that I would be walking into a room full of the Divincis, Van Goghs and Monets of cardmaking- but as it turns out, I’m ok. :)
So ok, in fact, that i came home and made my August swap cards. :) (yes, i am actually AHEAD in something!) Oh yeah, and i totally registered for a really cool workshop for paper crafting too. :)

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2 thoughts on “a dose of creativity…

  1. Tres cute!! I tried getting into card making, but didn't get very far with it. I need to pull out my supplies and try again. The group and swap sound like a lot of fun!

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