oh my dear blog…

I feel like this blog has run it’s course.

I’ve heard that happens, and i think that, in this case, it has. Not only have I lost so much of my passion for it, but I find myself so often staring at a blank cursor.

I am contemplating starting a different sort of blog, which would deserve an entirely different beginning. Maybe less public. There are many amazing women that I’ve met through this blog, whom I’d love to share that with… If you are interested in moving with me, to a new blog, please email me at rainydayinmay{at}gmail{dot}com…

And thank you for reading. It’s been a journey over beautiful years, multi states, heart aches, joys and so much more…

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6 thoughts on “oh my dear blog…

  1. I'd love to move with you. Starting a new blog with a different spin may be just exactly what you need. One caution about keeping it private, though, it that if you are starting one, particularly themed around things like adoption or RAD or whatever, it's pretty tough to keep readers with a private blog. It can be a fabulous support network if you keep it "public" but write to a targeted audience. That doesn't mean all your posts have to be about RAD or all the ugly stuff, but if you know your audience, you can write things that will appeal to them…but not necessarily the masses. There are also ways to keep it "public" but not have it searchable on search engines. It's a simple blogger setting, actually. If you decide to go that route, I will gladly link to your new blog and send all my RADical mommy friends to visit. Email me offline (there's a link on my sidebar) if you have questions or whatever.

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