Go directly to jail…{You Capture}

i waited and waited…
Like a good little photographer, i waited for the completely amazing reaching moment to present itself. For the 8 month old reaching for her momma, or the 14 month old reaching for a biscuit. I scoured the crowds for a moment, but one never came…
So… this is my ample offering, and yes- i am a bit ashamed… And now I know that I’ll go peruse the other You Capture contributors and be wowed at their non-board game brilliance…

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  1. Reaching for the win. Love these captures and the look of intent to win on the young girls face. Now where did I put that monopoloy game??? I must pull it out, dust it off and find a playing partner.

  2. I like your take on reaching. After all there are very few board games without it and you did a great job capturing different reaches. I almost felt like reaching in and moving a token myself.

  3. These might not be the moment you were looking for but I think they're great :) Ah, Monopoly…brings back memories of those family board game nights we use to have as a kid.

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