{you capture- March Eleventh}

It’s thursday…

In a week when I should have been focusing on the quiet, for this weeks you capture- i feel like I instead found it easy to see anything but quiet
outside though, in the still twilight of my little suburban evening it seemed a bit easier…

and then, then i came back inside…
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24 thoughts on “{you capture- March Eleventh}

  1. I grew up in a suburban neighborhood and I miss the quiet spring nights, after all the kids have been called in but before the darkest hour starts. Your photos are making me reminisce! :)

  2. very funny and oh-so real!beautiful photos. am particularly fond of the first. that, and well, the band. ;)thanks for visiting earlier!

  3. the basketball picture- i think, only meant something to me because the hoop had been played with ALL DAY LONG and then suddenly it was still… (actually, it was the lack of dribbling on the driveway which inspired me to search for quiet outside, in the first place.)

  4. Oh how I cannot wait for there to be leaves on the trees!!! At least most of our snow is gone after a few days of rain and warmer temps! Bechttp://www.theiheartblog.com

  5. Haha! I LOVE your magnets. Sleep o'clock is my favorite time of day. Unfortunately it is usually delayed by something rather similar to your last picture. Happy Capturing and thanks for stopping by my place today!

  6. I love how you captured those amazing colors of the sky. It seems so surreal but yet not. I can totally feel the peace and quiet in those photos! The last picture is hilarious! The best part about it is that it's not 2 little kids making the noise but 2 grown men :)

  7. Yes, it's the usual drill that if we want quiet, we have to leave the house and go looking for it! I love that first shot. The way those trees are lined up behind the sunset is just perfect.

  8. This is so funny because I know EXACTLY how you feel. The difference is that my husband doesn't have a band to play with, but he does have a home recording studio,, In our bedroom! We are planning on building a garage soon so he can use that. Oh I can't wait!! Between kids and him playing way too loud for our 800 sq ft home, I rarely get an evening of quiet, even after yhe kids are in bed!

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