Cards 4 Cancer…

It seems as though, ever the past few weeks I have read about several people making cards for cancer. Intrigued, I meant to look into it but then got caught up in my own life. Thankfully, my awesome friend was snowed in and spent her morning making cards for cancer. After following the link, Genny and I decided that we needed something positive and beautiful to do. We joined a local team and plan to get started on our cards just after the birthday weekend commences… If you would like to help, we would LOVE to have your help! Just shoot me an email or leave a comment.
According to the Cards 4 Cancer site, the cards will be delivered April 10th. I haven’t heard from the group facilitator yet. Our groups cards are going to the Mountain States Tumor Institute here in Boise. I’m very familiar with their services, as I’ve been a patient through them twice. I am proud to made cards for their current patients…
The program is so simple, that cards can be handmade OR store bought. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive, the point is simple to reach out connect with someone. Even if you don’t live here, you can help out. Just mail your card (or cards, it’s up to you how you contribute) to be by april 1st. I really hope that you will join, with me, to express our support and love.
From the site:

The Cards

Teams will collect as many uplifting cards as they can. The cards will be delivered to the cancer centers on or around April 10th. Most cancer centers will not let you deliver them to the patients directly so the team leaders are going to be delivering the cards to someone at the center who will then have the staff pass the cards out to the cancer fighters. The cards can be handmade or store bought. We ask that you stay away from “GET WELL” and also any religious messages in your cards. The cards may be signed however the person making the card feels most comfortable. The cards may be in an envelope or not but if you do place them in an envelope we suggest leaving the envelope unsealed in case the staff needs to look at the cards before they deliver them. Also all cards should have somewhere on the card so that those who receive the cards will know where to go should they wish to receive more support. Team leaders should go through their cards to ensure that this has been done. If not the team leaders should write that in the cards.


Talk about your experience. Blog, post updates on Facebook, Tweet about it, tell friends, classmates, youth groups etc… Send an email to Spirit Jump telling us about your experience or where we can read about it. We may use your story in one of our emails or post it so others can read it.

Some fun ways to get cards:

1) Throw a card making party

2) Create an event on Facebook and invite your friends

3) Have a family day and make cards

4) Buy or make cards and have others simply sign them

If you have any other ideas please share them with us

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One thought on “Cards 4 Cancer…

  1. Great cause! I gave spiritjump a thorough look and I'm moved! I hope they plan another date in the future for a mass card delivery – I would love to get a group of my crafty friends together and do this.

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