oh, biscuits…

My thirties have held a few lessons. it is funny because everyone (who has already crossed that threshold) tells you that happens in your thirties, and that you are happier because of it. And, if everyone is like me, you stand at 29- in a near panic- because you know they are lying.
But they aren’t.
And that is super cool.
I’ve learned a lot about the kind of friend I want to be, and the kind of friend I don’t. I’ve learned a lot about what things are important, and what things aren’t. (hello, previous Pottery Barn obsession- I’m sorry…) Some of these things might just be economic lessons that everyone is experiencing BUT i personally think those of us (you know, over 30) gain something more. I don’t know, consider it that special prize at the bottom of the organic, Omega induced, super crunch cereal. :)
But still, 16 years after becoming a bride, I can’t make biscuits.
sure, I can do drop biscuits. Bleh. I can open canned biscuits but seriously, have you guys paid attention to what makes them so yummy? no thanks…
I want to make biscuits that rise. round ones. fluffy ones. ones that steam and open like heaven, melting butter into a gooey mess of magnificent morning splendor.
i don’t want them to taste like only flour, or like baking powder.
I don’t want them to come from bisquick, and I DO NOT want them to come from a can.
I do want them to be simple, easy, unintimidating at 6 a.m.
Do i ask too much? Possibly. But still, still I search… And I have faith that one of you knows of this mysterious, reputable biscuit…
is it you?
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9 thoughts on “oh, biscuits…

  1. I made really good cheese biscuits the other day my first time. I cheated slightly on the prep so they were not round exactly. Everyone loved them and they were super easy Companys Coming cookbook biscuits. I have an extra copy of the book if u would like. 4 recipes down, 4 delicious baked treats. 100s more to go lol

  2. I have never made biscuits (the non-canned/mix version, anyhow)… however, I have had THE best biscuits in the world, at the Loveless Cafe outside of Nashville, TN. These were more than just weak-in-the-knees biscuits… I thought about getting down on one kneee and proposing marriage to them. Anyhow, after I got home from Nashville, I did some research, and from what I understand, the secret to amazing biscuits is a specific brand of flour found only in the south… but you can order it online. I will try to find the name of it for you.PS — the thing about your 30s is so true. I am a completely different person than i was 6 years ago — and I would never go back.

  3. When and if you find what you're looking for, it would be absolutely wonderful if you shared with me :)I can't make biscuits either – Bisquick (with adjustments) is my only friend.

  4. I've never made them, but I've eaten them. And the baker's name is Aimee, and I hope someone, somewhere, has her recipe somehow…because it would be a shame for her talent to pass on with her when her time comes. She also makes fabulous cinnamon rolls.I think every time I find someone that makes awesome biscuits, they also make fab cinnamon rolls. So maybe you should also keep your eyes out for some of those, too.

  5. crisco. lots of crisco. i've never heard of white lily flour… but maybe the two of these ingredients combined would do the trick. here's my recipe. it's the way my mom and gran make buscuits and it's they way i think they taste magnificient. but the key in making them is using crisco liberally.BUTTERMILK BUSCUITS -Dorothy Carson (that's Granny)2 1/2 c. flour1 Tbsp. baking powder1 tsp. baking soda1 Tbsp. sugar1 tsp. salt1 c. buttermilk1/3 c. shortening Sift dry ingredients together and cut in shortening. add buttermilk and stir from under until moistened. dump dough onto 1/2 c. flour and knead until deasy to spread without sticking. melt some shortening (liberally –noted by tf.) in baking pan. dip each biscuit in the melted shortening and then turn it over (so that each side gets dipped in shortening) to bake. bake at 400 degrees for 17 minutes.good luck. i hope this does the trick for ya!~tawna

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