Curiouser & Curiouser…

I’ve been a little obsessed with Genny’s eleventh birthday party. Granted, her birthday isn’t for nine more weeks. this is sort of an illness that I develop, post the holiday detox. Once the gifts are unwrapped and the decorations securely packed away again, until next Christmas, I sort of slide frantically into Genny’s birthday planning mode.

It’s complicated to be so anal sometimes…

as much as I may drive someone else crazy, I drive myself so, even more. Honest. {Even though, between you and I, I am sure that certain someone would argue his case!}

Genny told me she wanted an Alice in Wonderland party, a couple of years ago. I thought it over and decided that it just wasn’t really right. That might sound dumb, i know. It turned out though. Then last year she mentioned it, in passing, and I dismissed it at her ultra cool Nancy Drew party was underway. Sometime this past fall I knew that the Alice in Wonderland party was meant for her 11th birthday. I mean, at the heart of it, isn’t the story of Alice (creepy drug parallels aside) the story of a girl caught between growing up and childhood? What else is 11? I mean, it’s the birthday right in the middle of single digit age, and your teens…

Eleven is scary, and so (if we’re honest) is Alice in Wonderland. :) Perfect… So, I phoned my good buddy Tim (Burton) and he threw together a movie, to accompany the party, with our friends Johnny and Helena. {ok… i’m kidding. That’s not quite how it happened, but you have to admit it’s pretty cool timing since the movie releases the month of her birthday. Quite perfect really.}

For the most part, it’s planned.

a few games are planned, party favors are (mostly) purchased and put ready to be assembled. decorations are in the process of being planned, menus (and crazy mad-hatter-cakes) are being dreamed up and mis-matched china and tea pots are being scouted out. I am really, super excited!

Major downer is that this is an all girl party, (maybe the major downer will actually be the year that isn’t the case…) and that she limited to eight guests. She, obsessive compulsively planning ahead just like her momma, presented me with a list of 19 girls. Yeah, no. We just don’t have the budget for that. Eight. That’s all.

The point of this incredibly pre-mature post, however, is to solicit a bit of your help. You see, I have a 3 subject spiral bound notebook FULL of the plans, but I feel like I need just a bit more. So, I’m reaching out to the brilliance you my readers for your thoughts and ideas. In a nutshell, thus far, I have:

* backyard crouquet using stuffed hedgehogs and “flamingo” mallots.
* Giant card guards adorning the crouquet yard.
* centerpieces of painted roses and red dipped paint brushes.
* mismatched chairs, at varying heights.
* many tea pots. (one with the dormouse of course)
* mismatched cups and saucers.
* little “eat me” tags adorning the bite size nibblets.
* A “looking glass” on our front door, for the girls to enter.
* “drink me” tags on varying beverages.
* our friend the caterpillar.
* rabbit prints leading to the door.
* character and card decor.
* pin the *grin* on the Cheshire cat.
* insert your wisdom here*

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10 thoughts on “Curiouser & Curiouser…

  1. rita- we looked into that. She has no Alice clothes so we looked into renting and it was FAR more expensive than our budget is allowing… She's far too into fashion… I totally wanted to dress like the red queen though!

  2. What about some clocks hanging around the house or table or whatever all stopped at "tea time"?This isn't my idea… saw it online but make mushroom treats, take large marshmallows, apply a dot of melted chocolate or icing and then place a vanilla wafer on top. Write "Eat Me" in icing on cookies or cupcakes Hang paper lanterns above the table

  3. Nikki- Actually I am trying to make little mushroom decor. We have a lot of sweet stuff going on already though, but that's a cute idea. We ARE doing stopped clocks. i'm actually really excited about it… And I have brightly colored paper lanterns. I want to find a way to make a HUGE tent, but I need to discuss these thoughts with my engineering husband. :)

  4. Sounds like a fabulous party idea! I don't really have anything to add, but I am envious of your party-planning and creativity skills. :)

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