Playing Favorites… {sort of}

A girlfriendof mine did a post on her blog about the blogs she loves to read every day and why. It was a cute idea and so I thought I’d play copy cat and do the same… It took some work, (and MUCH frustration from blogger) but here it is…

The majority of the blogs i read daily are home blogs. TONS of them, but here is a handful of favorites- A Soft Place to Land almost always has inspirational eye candy, of the home project variety. I can not get enough of it. Small Notebook is a major source of inspiration for me, whether it comes to homeschooling, homestuff or what have you. If you are a reader of Home Sanctuary then I don’t have to explain to you why this blog is in here, or why it’s a favorite. If, however, you don’t read it- you are really missing out. Seriously. And lastly, it was only a few months ago that i came across this site… She’s a genius. I am not kidding. I could have cried the when I saw the redesign of her office. When I am rich, I plan to hire her as a design consultant on my beautiful beach home AND my Manhattan loft. Until then, i am forced to just lose myself in the brilliance that is her blog…

I love cooking, especially for others. I love trying new things and am an obsessive recipe collector. I subscribe to over a dozen cooking blogs and love each and everyone of them, but for unique and completely artistic and amazing recipe reasons this one, and this one are my favorites…

Like most bloggers, when I began blogging I met a bunch of really amazing women. Some of them are ridiculously comedic, even when times suck; some have a way of making me feel like we are age old friends who have known each other forever; there are those who become a true kindred spirit, and then they BLOW YOUR MIND by having this amazingly beautiful idea which explodes into a huge success (and book deal) overnight… Some travel long hours, trust you enough to stay at your house and become a real life and blog world friend; She is the one who will make you laugh, make you think and manage to make you green with envy over her stick figure adventures. This girl right here is A-MAZE-ING. Truly. she is real and honest, candid, completely lovable and someone I am so blessed to “know”… And lastly, I don’t even know what to say about Jenna. I love her. a lot. I love the heart she writes with because it’s the same heart she loves with.

BUT, if you were to ask what my absolute favorite blog is, I would have to say this one,. It has nothing to do with any of the other stuff, but lots to do with writing- which isn’t every one’s cup of tea.

P.S. a new (to me) blog that I am really loving, and wanted to share is this one… I love her writing style and she is simply clever!

10 thoughts on “Playing Favorites… {sort of}

  1. Oh, my. This post did so many things to me aside from bringing a tear to my eye for your sweet words. Thank you!! <3I've been so preoccupied with Olympic stuff lately and this post made me realize all the beauty and why I love (and what I miss right now about) blogging. You're a doll! Thank you for thinking of me here xo

  2. Me too! I have been a blog slacker and I have remembered why I "fell in love with it" to begin with… But i think I might be taking my blogging in different directions…

  3. um. I just came over from the comment you left {I promise I'm not hiding behind your couch stalking your mommy-ness :)} and saw this post. And oh my. What an amazing compliment you give. thank you.

  4. Emily- i might be a better mommmy if you did. :) you totally deserve it! I may not comment your blog often, honestly sometimes i just don't know what to say. But i read it obsessively… :)

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