the Hurt Locker…

Despite having the Hurt Locker on my netflix top priority, and the wait always being incredibly long- I really lucked out when a friend let me borrow it tonight.
I am not a “war movie” fan and honestly had no idea what to expect. Without highlighting myself as the planets most ignorant person here, I will be the first to admit that i do not know the first thing about the military, war or anything relating to any of this. I’m typically out of my element watching it so i sure as heck am not really comfortable talking or writing about it. That being said, this movie is incredible.
It isn’t incredible in this truly poignant or entertaining way, but in this raw and almost painful way. In the storyline between these soldiers. The moments that aren’t really spotlighted and the words that sometimes aren’t spoken.
Honestly, I expected this film to be just a “check” on my obligatory Oscar viewing list- but it wasn’t. It was kind of more…
so that is my two cents…
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