For you, a list… A list of things I feel like doing vs. DO NOT feel like doing…

For instance-

I do feel like having a luxiourous and de-stressing spa day complete with herbal tea, aromatherapy, massage and a facial.

Where as, I do NOT feel like being stuck at home, yet again, with a ten year old girl who is driving me a tad bit crazy.

I do feel like shopping, but don’t feel like dealing with the crowds.

I do feel like eating cookies, but i don’t feel like baking them. (or anything for that matter.)

I do feel like sitting down with a good movie and a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, it is early in the day and I do NOT feel like my daughter growing up with traumatic memories of her momma as a lush. Sad.

I do feel like going to the movies. Always. Come rain or shine. I am like the postal service, in that manner…

I do feel like wearing a warm and cozy sweater, but I do NOT feel like doing the laundry to get it warm and cozy.

I do feel like giving everyone their gifts because I’m so excited for them to open them. I also feel like spending my imaginary money on even more things for them… I desperately wanted to get Genny the new American Girl doll Rebecca… I am so sad it never fit in the budget. I almost bought it about 10 minutes ago, with expedited shipping, but who am i kidding… It still wouldn’t be here on time. Sad. Her birthday is in March but I want her to have her NOW… NOW I tell you…. (hello consumer madness.)

I DO love the multi holiday GAP add and want to watch it all of the time. For the sanity of my family though, I will refrain.

I do not want to deal with drama today. I DO have my sister coming to spend the afternoon. After she called in an emotional panic.

I do want to run away.

I do want a rum and coke. 10 % coke. Sad. I will, too, refrain from this for said reason mentioned above.

This HAS been an overly stressful holiday season. Possibly because my heart just isn’t in it. Plus, probably because there is a lot of dishonesty going around the adults of my family at this time, which is just lame and pathetic.

SCRATCH EVERYTHING on my Santa list, I want an all inclusive trip to somewhere tropical, warm and perfect.


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6 thoughts on “Feelings…

  1. I am so with you on this…I have yet to find my christmas spirit. I don't even have overly dramatic adults in my family to blame. It just ain't there. My tree is up and lit with garland and berries, but no ornaments.My decorations are out of the attic and spread out all over my dining room table. Two-thirds of them are displayed and the others are still…stacked…on the…table.All I want to do is curl up with several of the books I own but haven't read and drink hot chocolate or vanilla lattes.I do not feel like watching what I eat or exercising and my waistline is telling the world :)I am ready for the vacation part of Christmas vacation.Hang in there girl, and know that someone in Texas emphathizes with you!

  2. thanks Jenni… I hear ya… We put up a tree… and packed the rest. Not a Christmas cookie (or candy) in sight around my house- and that NEVER happens… Sad… I wonder what it is? And yet, this week is DRAGGING on and on…

  3. Awww…. remember Christmas spirit is a choice, the same way happiness is. :)I've definitely had my share of difficulty conjuring it up, but it usually boils down to me wanting the focus on ME, and forgetting the real meaning. When I can get over myself long enough to remember Jesus, I tend to be more excited. :)

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