And to think, a writer actually got a check for this-

I snagged this you tube video from Momo. If you already saw it, sorry, but really??? I could I not repost it?
And really… What if Santa could deliver this? That sort of takes the whole fat man creeping from house to house, when everyone is asleep- and makes it even scarier…

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6 thoughts on “And to think, a writer actually got a check for this-

  1. Wow… that's WAY worse than buying a woman a blender for Christmas.I mean, I think it's cool for a man to care about his wife and help keep her healthy, but if you haven't been involved in my yearly check-ups before, I certainly don't want it for Christmas!

  2. LOL – are you serious? mike even heard it and immediately strated laughing….man, everyone wants in on the christmas action now-a-days, huh?

  3. Yeah. I hate that advert. I hate it more every time I see it. Talk about taking a good idea (proactive preventive care) and drowning it in a bad one.

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