After a million cheesy titles for this, I’ve got nothin’…

Have you ever wondered if one particular thing in your life had gone just slightly different, all of your dreams may have fallen in your lap?

Like, for instance, movies.

I love movies… LOVE them. Although I don’t aspire to be a screenplay writer, I wouldn’t mind it. What I’d really love- if I got to pick and choose- would be celebrity photography/film promotion. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

At any rate, yesterday may very well have been that “day”, for me. It could have held that “moment.” And now, now we’ll never know how it would have turned out.

You see, yesterday I was approached to do a photo shoot for a local company who is filming a fly fishing porn film. Yep…

I will allow you a moment to process this and compose yourself…



Regretfully I had to decline, though one has to admit that such an event could put a whole new spin on lifestyle photography…

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11 thoughts on “After a million cheesy titles for this, I’ve got nothin’…

  1. And yet I'm left to wonder what you are doing to promote your business that a fly fishing porn film would contact you?ROFL …. I'll be laughing about this one all weekend. I'm w/Jenni – you can't make this stuff up!

  2. I can not figure out why fly fishing porn would be…? Naked fly fishing? Here in the NW the waters are always icy, so that would just be stupid…Naked fly tying? That just sounds stupid. But I know from personal experience that many fly fishermen are "dirty old men" and nobody would want to see them naked.

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