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ok you guys…

I need your opinion.

I have seen some people conform blogspots into website looking stuff. I just can not justify the expense of a web designer right now (at all) and so I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. My husband knows some stuff about building sites, but not much. Plus there are just so many other costs that go into it. So we decided to use a blogspot for our photography business until we reached particular goals.

BUT, I’ve not been happy with it, at all… So, knowing nothing about anything, I went in there this weekend and played around with parts of it. Then today I sat down and worked on the rest… Can you go there and just look around and tell me if it looks ok? I realize it’s still a blogspot so it’s going to have SOME blog characteristics but I tried really hard to make it a least bloggy as possible…

here it is

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11 thoughts on “

  1. Annikke says:

    LOVE it. Love the buttons and everything. Now, you need to come to my house and take my family Christmas photo….. ha ha!

  2. Burgh Baby says:

    Do a Google search for removing the "blogger navbar." It's really easy to do it, and it just involves adding some code in the html (copy and paste). That will make it look less like a blog since it will get rid of that bar across the top.Other than that, great job!

  3. melissa says:

    i agree – you can remove the nav bar easily. try the site blogging basicsit looks nice!!! you did a great job!

  4. melissa says:

    hey…. you made a button too!! wow!!!

  5. Rita says:

    i absolutely LOVE it!! and the more i see your work the more i see what a gift God has given you!

  6. Robin says:

    It's not bad, for blogpsot, I'm more of a fan of wordpress personally. Plus, you can do a lot for very little with websites if you use wordpress. With my site the only thing I paid for was the domain/hosting.http://accidentalbeauty.net

  7. Misty says:

    really? I may transition to wordpress, at some point… maybe gradually. I'll have to look in to it. Thanks!

  8. Huckdoll says:

    It looks excellent, Misty! Great job.

  9. Alexis says:

    I tried wordpress – for someone else – and personally I'm sticking with blogspot. Except that I do pay the 10 bucks a year to have my own domain. It's totally worth it. Other than that, I really love the colors on your photography site, as well as the different buttons for all the areas of photography that you're good at!

  10. Amydeanne says:

    and see i like wordpress.. nice site and i think websites are over-rated these days; blogging is more on a human level and i know you can get some pretty photography sites that are easy to use! i've actually debated closing down my site and jusut using flickr for my photos.. it's the way to go imo… though both of good things to it.. hard to say lol..

  11. I'm not a professional on websites (I have a website designer for my ministry for a reason – I am technically challenged…) But I think your blog/website is really user-friendly – and for non-techies like me, that's really important!

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