You Capture- Something New…

This was a really hard challenge, honestly. The problem was primarily that I practically live behind the lens of a camera. What haven’t I photographed??? {Which is exactly what my husband asked when I told him of this weeks challenge.}

For days and days we’ve brainstormed… In fact, we had a nasty run in with maggots in our dumpster and Genny had the bright idea of them being my new subject.

You are welcome- I couldn’t do it…

Then, we were out for a drive and it hit me!

Train Stuff…

Granted, I’ve done engagement photos for clients there, and senior pictures… BUT my subject was never the train (or train stuff) itself. It was merely a backdrop, if you will. So, technically new…

So, tell me what you think…

And then, for more amazing photographic contributions head here

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20 thoughts on “You Capture- Something New…

  1. Those are awesome! I have a 7 year old in my home that loves trains. I am getting ready to decorate his walls with train pictures! Of course mine aren't near as cool as yours!

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