You Capture- Peace…

This weeks You Capture Theme is Peace

I had every intention of going out and having a spiritually renewing and wonderful adventure while doing this project… unfortunately home renovations over the weekend sort of destroyed my neck and I’ve been unable to do much of anything. I almost didn’t participate but then, on Wednesday, I had the worst afternoon.
All at once I felt like my heart was breaking and I couldn’t breath. By means of distraction, I decided to work on a Seasons photography project I’m piecing together for a montage. I shot this last summer during an engagement session. I’ve always loved this photo, but when I sat down with it earlier, I felt myself flooded with peace and longing. I wanted to sit there and be. Just be… It seemed to emulate peace when I needed it the most so I feel mostly ok posting it…

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  1. It is so very peaceful. I wish I could jump into that picture for a bit right now. I hope you're feeling better today – feeling like your heart is breaking is *the* worst feeling in the world – been through it a few times in the last year and wouldn't wish it on my own worst enemy.

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