You Capture- Peace…

This weeks You Capture Theme is Peace

I had every intention of going out and having a spiritually renewing and wonderful adventure while doing this project… unfortunately home renovations over the weekend sort of destroyed my neck and I’ve been unable to do much of anything. I almost didn’t participate but then, on Wednesday, I had the worst afternoon.
All at once I felt like my heart was breaking and I couldn’t breath. By means of distraction, I decided to work on a Seasons photography project I’m piecing together for a montage. I shot this last summer during an engagement session. I’ve always loved this photo, but when I sat down with it earlier, I felt myself flooded with peace and longing. I wanted to sit there and be. Just be… It seemed to emulate peace when I needed it the most so I feel mostly ok posting it…

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19 thoughts on “You Capture- Peace…

  1. I think I could use that bench right now. It would be so nice to sit and read and have peace and quiet away from the kids! Very nice photo.

  2. It is so very peaceful. I wish I could jump into that picture for a bit right now. I hope you're feeling better today – feeling like your heart is breaking is *the* worst feeling in the world – been through it a few times in the last year and wouldn't wish it on my own worst enemy.

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