My Life’s Certainties…

– If I wear a white shirt, especially an expensive one, I will spill something on it at dinner.

– Good books always appear when there is little time to read them.

– No matter how many channels you have, when you are really bored, there will be nothing on.

– The sun will always shine again.

– I will always have to repeat myself.

– My dog will bark incessantly, no matter what.

– A “dollop” will end up being more than an actual dollop.

– dishes will appear in the sink within minutes of having just done them.

– see last point but remove “dishes” and insert “laundry. {also remove “sink” and insert “hamper”.}

– great movies come out, all clustered together, when one lacks the funds or sitter options to see them.

– when one has both the money and the childcare- theaters everywhere are full of movies that suck. *sigh*

– the movie will suck, compared to the book.

– facebook application invites will always be waiting for you to log in.

– the library will be out of that book you feel like you’ve got to have.

– a little chocolate will make most anything, at least, a little better.

– my garage will need to be reorganized. (even once it is, it will need it again.)

– I will have to follow behind my family, putting things away in the RIGHT place, because they don’t.

– I will have built up voice mails in my inbox.

– spammers will fill my email inbox with genitile growth ads.

– Gen will have something lovely to say, which sooths my heart-

– followed by something which kicks my gut…

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4 thoughts on “My Life’s Certainties…

  1. -dinners that take the longest to cook are usually scarfed down the quickest.-the house is never clean even after I clean it.-there are still only 24 hours in a day no matter how desperate I am for 25.So, those are some of my life's certainties. This could turn into a great meme.

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