on people… {the post where I seek your wisdom}

I know several people who have quite a side business of selling things on Ebay. I can honestly say, aside from a few pieces of clothing, some books and maybe an electronics item or two- we are pretty much still ebay virgins. I would say, in the 10 years that we’ve had accounts, we’ve pretty much made it to first base.


In an effort to be more conscientious though, I’ve decided to put duck tape over my inner skeptics mouth and peruse their site for a few camera items I’m needing. At this current economic stage of things, I can’t afford (or foresee) buying these items brand new and hey, if someone out there has what I need, and are willing to part with it, why not?

Here is my dilemma though…

While 300,000+ star ratings, with a 99.6% positive rating sounds good, when it’s broken down it equals 39 NEGATIVE responses in the last month, and 42 neutral. In the past year, it’s nearly 400 negative. FOUR HUNDRED…

I realize that some people just aren’t pleasable. but 400? I also realize that the number for positive is FAR more astronimical. {I also realize that there is a disgusting amount of people who vote in things as vital as presitential elections, basing their decisions on what celebrities or friends say rather than forming their own feelings… So, couldn’t these same people just automatically give a positive rating based on how smooth the transaction went before ever getting their product????}

So, what is more important? The high positives, the 400 negatives?


AND, if you haven’t decided yet, I urge you to join the swap! Idealy I’d like 6 more participants… the deadline is friday…

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5 thoughts on “on people… {the post where I seek your wisdom}

  1. I haven't done a lot of ebay-ing, either, so I'm not expert. I've never encountered any major problems, though.Is there a way you can read what the negatives said about the merchant? Maybe people are just complaining that it was supposed to take 7 days for shipping and it took 14. You know? Small things that aren't really deal breakers.

  2. I love ebay and have gotten TONS of stuff from there, from clothes to electronics to bikes….etc. If I find an item, I quick browse the comments left. If there are many that say, item broken or wouldn't refund money, it gives me pause. I've gotten several things from sellers who've had negative feedback and it's been fine. I do think it's a case of the positives outweigh the negative. When you sell SO much stuff, you are bound to have problems and problem people. Just my input. :)

  3. ok… that's what i did… and it would be like "cracked lens" or "lens not for camera, as stated." or "lens scratched up"… but then surrounded by 35,000 "A ++++ seller" comments…

  4. I don't have any personal experience with EBAY, however, personally I would not buy camera equipment unless it was from a store where I could return it or I could see it and try it before buying it. Is there not a used place in your area that you could buy from? Or Kijjii is usually local and you go meet the person, see the equipment and then purchase it? Just my two cents.

  5. cori- oh, I'm with you… We've checked every used/consignment shop in several hundred miles… I think though, I'm going to pass on the ebay thing… Just too risky.

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