On yard saling…

We are having a yard sale. I am holding down "the fort" solo, for awhile. Its such an odd idea- yard saling. Both sides are a little wierd. I mean, as a society, we are ok with perusing the unwanted belongings of a complete stranger OR having them manhandle & molest our stuff.
I stop at a sale, now & then. As a whole though- I am not a fan. Honestly speaking, however, I would really like this one. :)

The truth is, I simply want my coffee table more and this is my "sure- I will sacrifice this for that coffee table" sale…

Wish me luck!
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6 thoughts on “On yard saling…

  1. Good luck!!! I can't wait to have our yard sale, as soon as we're in the house and have an actual driveway, we've got stuff galore to off load. I hope you make enough money to buy 2 coffee tables!!

  2. Good luck!I'm like you…. I'm not a huge fan of going to sales, but I definitely see the value in holding them. And hey! if some old lady wants to buy 4 windbreaker warm-up suits for a couple bucks each, I'll totally take that money from the sucker. (True story… in my defense, the suits were donated to me by another friend. They WERE NOT MINE! But I got the money, so it was great. :)

  3. I love being a garage sale holder and despise garage saling myself. The characters I meet when holding a garage sale is insane. The people that come early and that man who just gave you $20 for a set of glassware…it makes you wonder ?WHY? did he just fight for and pay $20 for a set of ugly glassware passed down from your grandparents?!(sorry for the re-comment, I meant $20 above!)Hope yours went well!

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