I just sneezed roughly forty five times, while sitting here.

From nowhere this vicious need to purge snot from somewhere within my head, just overcame me.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

But wait, there’s more…

Tonight sucks.

It’s late. Late and my mind is heavy.

As of late I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with someone who, well, seems to frustrate me just by being.

Or at least it seems like that.

And then there’s this annoying nonsense about us not being able to find the car title and we REALLY need it. Like, no. Not in four weeks, when a new one has been mailed.

I love late night hours.

I find myself my most alive and vibrant.

Tonight I just feel deeply overwhelmed and sad.

Disappointed in cowardice people, disappointed in myself.

Broken hearted in this title issue, and all of the things that hang on it’s discovery…

Oh what I’d give to stick my toes in to the sandy beach, soak in the roar of the sea and allow the salty air to soak into my skin.

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