Tonight I am incredibly disappointed in people…

A few nights ago, while waiting in line for 8:00 to roll around, we were hanging out in the car listening to the radio. If you must know what we were waiting for, we were blending in with the other hordes of people waiting for our free root beer floats from sonic.

Hey! I just paid $36 to fill up my tank, went $70 OVER my grocery budget and have a huge mammogram bill looming over my head- I take the freebies when I can…

At any rate- this post isn’t about the line or the root beer floats. (yummm.)

It’s about the topic, lightly discussed on the radio.

The Gosselins. Namely, Jon & Kate. Love em, or hate em- there’s a reality that the general public isn’t really acknowledging their own responsibility in the Gosselin disaster.

This show has been on for several years now, and nearly everyone knows who Jon & Kate are. Almost everyone has a pretty strong opinion on them, as well. People think she’s a shrew, people think he’s a cheat. People call her a cheating whore and blame his allegid infadelies on her cold insensitivity. Whatever. Have your opinion. I appreciate that we are all so different. The sad truth is however, that the show has the highest ratings right now, that it’s ever seen. It’s nominated for awards it had never been a contender for. While there are network executives and PR people living the life with their high priced celebratory cocktails, a family is dying.

It’s tragic.

It’s tragic, to me, that we have become a people who flock to the scene of disaster. No better than greedy ambulence chasers, we- as a society- hungrily drool at the first announcement of a marital scandel. Why? Why is it entertaining for us to see lives fall apart?

Alot of people say that Kate gets whats coming to her- but I can’t help but wonder if those words aren’t often birthed from jealousy. Who wouldn’t want amazing opportunities handed to them, just by living their life? Because she let the world into her life, a few days a week- several weeks a year, her small army of children are fed, clothed and have a beautiful home to grow up in. Who, anywhere, can say their life is free from drama? The “aunt jody” stuff? Drama.

And really, as bloggers, do we have any room to talk? We post pictures of our kids when they poop in the potty for the first time. We allow the world to see videos of our babies first words, photos of their every milestone and read the details of our drunken dates and sex lives. Just because there isn’t a camera crew shooting for 9 hours, from our living room, doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes exploit our own kids too. And to the moms who would say, “it’s different”, I just have to ask you to be honest with yourselvs. If someone came up tomorrow and offered you hundreds of thousands of dollars to put edited snippets of your daily life on tv- you’d consider it. I know I would…

And newsflash- marriages fall apart at alarming rates, these days. Marriages that aren’t on TLC. This isn’t about their show, this is about their relationship… Their family…

Until we’ve been in their shoes and understood the reasons behind the choices they’ve made- we can’t have a clue.

I think she made a decision, as a mom. Whether it was putting success ahead of her children or not- most mom’s have been guilty of prioritizing something before their babies at least once. We are no better than she is… These people on our tv’s and tabloid covers- THEY ARE PEOPLE. Real life, eat-three-square-meals-a-day people. They pee, poo, cry, laugh and make mistakes just like the rest of us. And they wake up to the reality that there is an entire world of people who are loving the ability to witness their family crumbling.

I am sad.

this makes me sad.

As long as we find joy in the heartaches of others, we will never be a unified and loving nation. We will never be a country of people who stand up, more importantly, as a community. No more do loving people rally around the hurting, delivering pot roasts and pitching in to save a family. Nope, we are the society to snear at the hurting, from the corner of our eyes while spreading stories far more horrific than the truth.

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16 thoughts on “Tonight I am incredibly disappointed in people…

  1. Absolutely right. I never really liked the show because she seemed so harsh to her husband, and I didn't like seeing that. I'm just so saddened for the kids.

  2. Can't say I've ever watched this show although I do know who they are. I wonder though if people are flocking to see the death of a marriage not out of entertainment but because the very same things are happening in their own lives and they can relate to this situation on a certain level. This situation may be an extreme example of what is happening in many people lives … and so they watch to see what will happen.

  3. I've never watched this one, either. I'm not a big reality TV fan. If I want reality, I'll just go live life. I watch TV and movies for an entertaining moment… away from reality. (Ridiculous stuff like Heroes and The Office.)So, yeah… I don't know what the situation is, but it's sad. Bebo Norman has a new(ish) song about Britney Spears, cause that's similar. People wanna watch and judge but no one cares to help.This is a good place where we Christians can be counter-cultural and start showing the compassion that God has given us.

  4. I'm guilty of not being a regular viewer but tuning in for the premiere episode a few weeks ago. I really don't know what compelled me to watch. I guess I just read so many rumors in the tabloids and I wanted to hear from their own mouths what really happened. It was just so sad that I refuse to watch anymore. A few thoughts:-I don't care how mean Kate was/is I don't agree with the people that say that she deserved to be cheated on. If Jon was that unhappy in his relationship, he should have left her. (But we all know that the $$$ is what kept him in the marriage.)-I don't blame them one bit for cashing in on their success. I would definitely do the same thing, BUT I do blame Kate a little for doing all the book tours and leaving her kids. I think the show has brought them enough that it just seemed like an unnecessary stress on their relationship. HOWEVER, I still don't think this gives Jon an excuse to stray. Ok, that is all. Great post, btw!!

  5. I have always watched that show, but all this that's going on? Makes me want to turn it off. I hate that their family is falling apart and I don't want to be a part of it.I'll admit that I exploit my children, though I try to maintain their privacy. Mostly, I like sharing my stories so that other people can relate. It's good to know you're not the only one with kids who embarrass you at the grocery store, or that you're not the only parent who has really tough days. It's less about exploiting my children and more about misery loving some company!And, if someone offered us hundreds of thousands of dollars, I would probably take them up on it in hopes it would provide a more secure future for my family.

  6. Misty, this is one of the best posts I've read lately.I don't know if you read it, but a few months ago I wrote a post similar to this – not about Jon and Kate, but about people who flock to see other's pain. Sadly, it makes a lot of people feel better about their own lives. This post totally nailed it. Sadness.I recall back in early '09 when I was going through my own dramas and pain, I had the highest number of readers, lurkers and numerous posts slamming me – and it kind of cemented the fact that people like to see the hurt, intensify the pain, etc. I mean, I put it out there, I blame myself, but geesh.That being said, there were a handful of people really there to help guide me out of it and those are the folks I truly consider "good people". I hope the Gosselin family has a few good people kicking around.Excellent post.

  7. I am/was a regular viewer. I cried during the premiere of the new season. I hurt so much for them. I hope that there is someone trustworthy to them that will help them sort it all out. Because I just hate to see a family crumble, and feel helpless about it.This was a great post Misty, so true.We drove right on by the Sonic last week and I stopped at the grocery istead. I know they were free, but people were double parked on the street! LOL

  8. Cori, I am sure there are some like that, but for the most part it tends to be people who like to judge, as if casting judgment on some were entertainment… but then again, we are part of a generation where that IS what is entertainment. It's why tabloid "journalism" is a multi-billion dollar industry and we blame the celebrities instead.

  9. I was just thinking the same thing the other day…how incredibly sad that we care more about the bad stuff going on in the world than the good. You're exactly right.

  10. Very well written post! I agree that we seem to flock to things like that. I would say, though, that your average person wants to see a happy ending to a sadly developing story and that is why they watch things like this. I hurt for anyone in the situation Jon and Kate find themselves in, wanting to watch just to see them rise above and get past this event. I have yet to see an episode and probably will not start now, but I do pray that they will overcome, as I would for any family in their position.

  11. I hope and pray the Gosselins can work through this. I have wa-aaa-aay less hope that the society we live in will stop behaving like disaster vultures.

  12. I think you're right, and yeah, jealousy probably plays a really big part. It's almost always in play when someone feels the need to criticize someone Else's parenting/marriage/career/etc./etc./etc.

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